Werner Joubert voted out at the last tribal council. Picture: M-Net
Werner Joubert voted out at the last tribal council. Picture: M-Net

Cape Town set for Survivor finale

By TANYA PETERSEN AND LUKE FOLB Time of article published Aug 16, 2018

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Cape Town - Three remain; Jeanne Michel, Annelize Sainsbury and Tom Swartz,  but the final tribal council will see only two vying for the title of sole survivor for Survivor SA: Philippines.

It can be argued that this has been the best season of Survivor SA to date with its twists, turns and unexpected exits. Over this season South Africa has witnessed tears, laughter, tantrums and clashes of strategy.

The final three:

Tom: While he started as one of the providers and made strong alliances, tribe reshuffles left him on the out. However, his never-give-up attitude and his claim of integrity endeared him to form new alliances after the merge. His will to stay in the game and his vote against kingpin Werner secured his seat in the final three.

Tom Swartz. Picture: M-Net

Jeanne: Most found her to be opinionated and domineering early on in the game, which ultimately resulted in her making a number of enemies on her tribe. In one of her diary interviews, she explained that she would change her strategy and keep a low profile, which some of her tribemates viewed as her being lazy. Although not a strong contender in any of the challenges, she managed to win the last challenge, which allowed her to convince Tom to vote out Werner.

Jeanne Michel. Picture: M-Net

Annelize: Quiet and unassuming, but a strong competitor. A change in alliance changed her game, which saw her solidify her place in the dominant group early in the merge. However, as the game progressed her insecurity forced her to think more about strategy - but she didn’t always execute it to her advantage. Her neutral approach to the game and her friendly personality has taken her to the final three.

Annelize Sainsbury. Picture: M-Net

The jury:

They feel betrayed, hard done by, but the question remains will they vote with their heads or their hearts? 

Tom is not in a favourable position with some on the jury, in particular, Vusi, Palesa and Charne. The conflict started when the four found themselves on the newly formed Visayas tribe. After the merge, Tom felt unappreciated and was lured away by Werner. One by one, they picked off Tom’s Visayas tribemates - this left a bitter taste.

Jeanne’s initial gameplay ruffled feathers and could have harmed her chances of getting to the final, but with a bit of luck and a change of strategy, she is one of the final three.Her immunity win and elimination of Werner in the last episode, has boosted her chances with the jury for her strong performance and bold actions.

Annelize has a strong chance of winning. She admitted in the last tribal council that she made no promises to anyone and played the game to further herself. But has she done enough to convince the jury?

Tune in to M-Net Channel 101 at 7pm tonight to see who will walk away with the R1 million and the title of 'sole survivor.'

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