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Eco-Logic Awards to be held in Cape Town for first time

By ASANDA SOKANYILE Time of article published May 31, 2019

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Cape Town - Cape Town artists will for the first time in eight years boast about hosting the prestigious Eco-Logic awards which will be held next week on World Environment Day.

The awards are presented by The Enviropaedia and recognise South African communities or government institutions; business projects, services or products; organisations or individuals who contribute to the quest for a more sustainable world.

The artworks will be on display at the ceremony, on 05 June, after which, the exhibition will then be on show at The Studio Art Gallery from 7 June until 16 July. 

30% of all proceeds will be donated to the Endangered Wildlife Trust

This will be the first time that these awards are hosted in the Mother City but artist and curator, Marc Alexander told Weekend Argus they hope “it grows and we host the awards more often.” 

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 Alexander said they chose 15 artists to be part of this closed ceremony but their pieces will be available for viewing and purchase at an exhibition two days later. 

“10 of the 15 artists are permanently represented by the Studio Art Gallery and the other five, we felt would be a great fit because of their passion and interest in the environment,” he explained.

Each artist was tasked to stick to a specific format to ensure that the works tie in and read nicely together. However, because the pieces are slightly pricey, Alexander told Weekend Argus that archival prints with a 200-year guarantee would also be made available at a fraction of the original price.

These pieces reflect the artists' individual passions for nature and the 7 Virtues of ‘Eco-Logical Thinking.’

Participating artists this year include Peter Grey, Marc Alexander, Donna McKellar, Andrew Cooper, Paula DuBois, Robyn Schoon, Lesley Rochat, Chris Bladen, Bonnie Serjeant, Karen Wykerd, Eddie Chimhau, Craig Ivor, Yola Quinn, Therese Mullins and Joseph Chikwenhere.

Cape Town-born artist Marc Alexander told Weekend Argus that art lovers can expect to be blown away by the standard of work produced by the

Chris Bladen, a Cape Town-based artist and widely acclaimed for his bronze sculptures of wild fish and birds.  

As an avid catch-and-release fly-fisherman and enthusiastic birder, Chris has honed his incredible eye for detail through his encounters with fish and birds.

Bladen is one the rare breed of sculptors who are involved in the entire process of creating a bronze sculpture – from sketching, moulding and casting right through to the chemical patination, and is known for his extraordinarily vibrant patination techniques. His work has been acquired by collectors from all over the World.

“I chose the brown trout as a subject for this exhibition as it is a classic freshwater fish species that have been iconic amongst the salmonid family for hundreds of years. It is a fish that needs cold, well-oxygenated clean water and has a low tolerance to polluted water systems. Sadly global warming and heavy metals are posing a threat to the wild fish population. I hope to inspire an appreciation of the beauty of our marine and bird life, and the desire to respect and conserve them,” he said.

Donna McKellar’s postmodern work attempts to upset the idyllic images of reality that are depicted in her romantic realism expressions and to draw attention to the complexity and paradoxical nature of existence. 

Her work has been sought out and purchased by collectors from around the world, and included in her extensive client list are a number of household names, such as Ernie Els and Lance Armstrong. 

She currently has work seated in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, and various other locations around the globe.

“I am an artist that is always drawn to the light and landscape. When the light changes, landscapes can change moods in a moment and I love to capture that moment when it creates a story for me. My themes are often related to landscapes and the human connection. They reveal to me stories of loneliness, survival, endurance, strength and beauty. I seek to reveal moments in time that resonate with the viewers and may often remind them of a particular time or journey in their own lives.” said McKellar.

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