Alistair in Arendsvlei

Published Mar 19, 2023


Much-loved Cape Town entertainer Alistair Izobell is truly a jack of all trades. The well-known singer and dancer has even dabbled in politics and is a licensed undertaker and embalmer. But now he can add another talent to his résumé – the villain in the popular soapie, “Arendsvlei”.

Izobell is what showbiz calls a triple threat – dancer, singer and actor. “Theatre has always been my first love. I started acting at the age of nine and I am really enjoying this reminder of my craft as an actor. Television was always a medium I avoided. It was not a medium I gravitated towards.”

But after he took a role in the drama series “Skemerdans”, he realised what TV had to offer. So for the first time in his 39 years in entertainment, he signed up with an agent to book TV jobs. “I was ready to delve into this wonderful world of making TV when the character Desmond Galant in ‘Arendsvlei’ came my way.”

Izobell said his character is an antagonist and someone people fear. “He will arrive in Arendsvlei and live up to fear that people have spoken of. He’s a sophisticated and clever man and the audience will be intrigued by the unfolding of his character. Expectations will most certainly be exceeded.”

The entertainer hopes to do more television work. But he has a busy schedule and his day starts at three in the morning. “I do a myriad of things – launched a brand-new publication, I’m writing a book, own a theatre and restaurant, I am a fully accredited undertaker and embalmer as well – so I am quite busy.”

Izobell said staying relevant in the entertainment industry was something one has to constantly work on. “Anyone who only chases fame, will not be around for a very long time. You have to do groundbreaking work. You have to be ego driven and tenacious, otherwise you will not survive in this industry. Hard work and diversifying yourself is what will keep you relevant. What you dream, you have to take action.”

Alistair Izobell is a jack of all trades. Picture: Supplied

Tarryn Josephs, spokesperson for “Arendsvlei”, said characters on the show were always talking about Desmond Galant (Alistair’s character). But he was always out “on a job”. But now viewers will get to meet Desmond. “The Cupidos know that Desmond is a dangerous man, but is he there to turn their lives upside down, or is he coming to scratch in other marriages,” Josephs said, dropping a cliffhanger.

She said old wounds would be scratched open when someone’s brother unexpectedly arrives in the Vlei and this leads to drastic consequences. “We can’t reveal too much, we have to keep our viewers on their toes.”

Josephs said there was always drama in the Vlei. “As a telenovela, we always try to shed light on problems that transpire in the coloured community. So we take on the issue of drug abuse and shed light on the huge problem of gender-based violence in South Africa.”

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