Authors Cindy Jacobs and Toni Erasmus at the launch of their book, Sunsets and Waterfalls. Picture: Carter Constant
Authors Cindy Jacobs and Toni Erasmus at the launch of their book, Sunsets and Waterfalls. Picture: Carter Constant

Cape Town duo tell real-life stories in new book of poetry

By Keshia Africa Time of article published May 6, 2021

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When the pandemic began, many South Africans found they had a lot of time on their hands. While some learned how to bake banana bread and others created art.

Cindy Jacobs and Toni Erasmus turned to poetry to help people to tell their stories which they have compiled into a book named Sunsets and Waterfalls. The book of poetry has given a voice to South African women, children, and families who share their true and raw experiences. The book includes more than 300 poems and beautiful illustrations by Carter Constant.

Jacobs said: “We try to cater for the different learning styles and therefore we resorted to having line art illustrations coinciding with the poetry pieces. Even if the poetry doesn’t make sense to you, we hope that the illustrations can do that.”

Erasmus and Jacobs set out to depict real-life events as they too shared their own traumatic experiences and how they overcame adversity. With a shared vision to drive change, both women aim to develop and make an impact on the country.

Cindy Jacobs and Toni Erasmus have launched their passion project, Sunsets and Waterfalls. Picture: Supplied

Erasmus said: “It’s so important for South Africans to share their raw and real stories. As much as individual healing is important, a collective healing of our wounds is important too. That can only happen if we do introspection. Whether it is is a nation, or in our culture - we think that it’s very important to do introspection where collective healing can take place.”

Through sharing the lived experiences of many, they hope to touch hearts and change lives.

One of the mottoes that both authors live by is, “When hearts unite, mountains move”. Sunsets and Waterfalls speaks to the two women who saw the opportunity to make a difference.

At a recent book launch, Women Lead Movement’s co-founder and director of Melene Roussow, said, “It (book) was put together with authenticity and consciously explored personal and political wounded histories. Filled with stories from our backyard, this book is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings.”

Sunsets and Waterfalls book cover. Picture: Supplied

Sunsets and Waterfalls is available for R295 and can be ordered online at or via email at [email protected]

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