Cape Town singer Rowlene bags a Sama nomination for Best Pop Album

Rowlene Bosman has been nominated for her first SAMA for her debut album 11:11. Picture: Supplied

Rowlene Bosman has been nominated for her first SAMA for her debut album 11:11. Picture: Supplied

Published May 23, 2021


Cape Town singer Rowlene Bosman has been nominated for her first South African Music Award (Sama) in the category of Best Pop Album for her debut album 11:11.

Well known for her duets Phases and SMA (Send Me Away) with Nasty C, the 23-year-old songstress is thrilled to receive her first Sama nomination.

The vocalist said she was “still processing” the announcement.

“It shows that all the hard work that I have been putting in is being recognised. This album was the beginning of expressing myself in new ways, and I am glad it paid off,” Bosman said.

She said she was very calm when the news broke earlier this week and it only dawned on her when friends and family congratulated her.

11:11 is Bosman’s debut album and was released last November. She was thrilled to experience being an artist in the pandemic and describes the time as “reforming and progressive”.

The Elsies River star said that creating an album in the pandemic was a little stressful but also came as a big relief to her as all she wanted to do was create and release music, without any interruptions.

“I got to understand the inner workings of what we do. Most of the album was recorded in my room and the people around me helped me and inspired me to learn more.”

Bosman said that she rarely missed performing. “I enjoy creating more than I do performing. The art of writing music and seeing a song come to life from words on a page is so much fun to me.”

She added: “As an artist, you’re always creating because of your surroundings, inspiration and influence. Getting to work on my music and nothing else allowed me to release music that was true, honest and still me.”

Rowlene Bosman said she is inspired to learn more about her craft. Picture: Supplied

The rising star said 11:11 signifies perfect timing to her, which is why she chose this as the title for her debut album.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason, with time, patience and hard work. If you just trust and believe in the process, everything will be handed to you in due time,” Bosman said.

She described choosing the track-list for the album the most difficult part.

“As an artist, you attach yourself to your music. I had to find a way that would be fulfilling and still allow me to tell my story and stay true to myself.”

She said aspiring artists should educate themselves about what they think they want to become. “Everyone sees this glamorous life that people in the industry are living; when they get there, it is not always fun and games.”

If she won the Sama award for Best Pop Album, she said it would be an accomplishment for her and for everyone from Elsies River.

“With this award, I would be able to paint a picture that says, ‘You can do it too!’ I want everyone around me to know that it is possible.”

Rowlene Bosman said she loves having time to focus on her music with no distractions. Picture: Supplied

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