Young artist Tayla Hunter released her new single last month. Picture: Supplied.
Young artist Tayla Hunter released her new single last month. Picture: Supplied.

Teen singer hopes to trump debut hit with new tune

By Amber Court Time of article published Sep 15, 2020

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Teen artist Tayla Hunter, 15, is aiming for the top of the charts with her new single Fool.

Launched at the end of last month, Fool is the follow-up single to her debut hit, Untouchable, which rode the airwaves earlier this year.

Untouchable received good feedback from radio listeners. It also remained on Kfm’s Top 40 Chart, climbing to number 38.

“So far the response has been far greater than Untouchable. So I’m hoping this is a sign of good things to come,” said Tayla.

The singer told Jellybean Journal that she wrote the song in March, but it was only completed in April.

Tayla said the song speaks about the age of technology we live in.

“It is about the emotional experiences people go through, making it very relatable.”

Tayla did “a little bit of writing” during lockdown, but used the free time to try to learn new things and further her knowledge in music as she doesn’t play any instruments and has never studied music.

Emotions that link to her new single are love, trust, disappointment, anger and frustration.

She said she would like to have my first album released before she finishes school in 2022 “and hopefully my first Grammy before that”.

“My ultimate goal is to become a role model to those younger than me. I feel that true role-models are becoming harder to find,” she said.

“Rather than aiming for a specific style of music, I aim to make music that all ages can listen to and enjoy.”

Her mom and manager Candace Rogers added that Tayla is a straight A student.

“Her life is a juggle of studio, singing, school and friends.

“Yet she continues to always make the right choices in life,” said Candace.

Her mom also said that Tayla would always be her pride and joy.

“I will stand by her side in any decision she makes in life and whatever path she happens to choose.”

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