The Masque Theatre celebrates ‘Take a Child to the Theatre Day’

The Masque Theatre. Picture: Supplied

The Masque Theatre. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 9, 2024


Cape Town - Theatre has always been a space for creatives to express themselves through art, whether it be dancing, acting, singing or visual arts. There is always a burst of artistic expression, and all this in good lighting and the right amount of silence to get that perfect performance.

But It’s not often that children get to enjoy the full experience of theatre or what goes on behind the scenes.

The Masque Theatre in Muizenberg is inviting young future theatre-makers to come into their space for a day of exploring.

The Masque is celebrating ‘Take a Child to the Theatre Day’ this year with an exciting event aimed at letting children experience a theatre. The event is a collaboration between The Masque and Spotlight Youth Theatre on Wednesday, March 20.

The audience will enjoy a facilitated ‘theatre sports session’, as well as get to know a little bit more about the workings of the Masque.

Head of programming for the Masque, Faeron Wheeler, said: “We’re excited to be hosting such a wonderful event for our community and hope to see plenty of young, aspiring theatre-makers join us for some fun at the Masque.

“And teaming up with Spotlight Youth Theatre seemed the perfect collaboration for this important day on the theatre calendar. We truly value their input and just how vital it is to get children involved in theatre from a young age.”

Spotlight Youth Theatre was created a year ago out of Spotlight Drama Studio, to create quality theatre for young people, with young people.

Deborah Gildenhuys, who has run drama classes for 27 years, heads the programme.

Melanie O’Connor Horn came on board as she too has a passion for theatre and young people and both she and Deborah like to produce plays that challenge as well as entertain, educate and satisfy.

The annual ‘Take a Child to the Theatre Day’ is a worldwide movement run by Assitej. The organisation uses this day to spread its ongoing campaign of ‘Take a child to the theatre today, stressing a child’s right to experience the arts.

The Masque’s ‘Take a Child to the Theatre’ event is suitable for ages 8 and up.

The theatre sports session will be facilitated by Gildenhuys and will include some of the young actors who train with Spotlight Youth Theatre.

O’Connor Horn will give a talk about theatre and the various aspects that go into making a production.

The event is sure to be filled with laughter, fun and interesting information about The Masque specifically, and theatre in general.

Entry is free to all, but tickets are limited and must be booked via Quicket.

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