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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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TikTok SA’s funny men

Lawrence Small enjoys tapping into the nostalgia from his childhood for his TikTok videos. Picture: Supplied

Lawrence Small enjoys tapping into the nostalgia from his childhood for his TikTok videos. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 5, 2021


Unique mannerisms and sayings are sure-fire ways of gaining followers on TikTok.

It has been a fail-proof technique for Kheeno Freeman and Lawrence Small.

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Small (@lawrencecpt) is an entertaining storyteller and is popular for his impersonating skits.

Small said he took inspiration from jokingly doing the same thing with his friends.

“Ever since I started being myself and doing me on the app, people started liking what I produced,” he said.

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He has fond childhood memories. “I will happily share what we went through. I was inspired by one girl who had the nicest toys, who always had excuses as to why we can’t play with her.”

Smalls said his favourite thing about the trend was seeing others hop on to it as well and that it warms his heart.

“We all shared similar experiences growing up on the Cape Flats. There was always that one girl or guy like that,” he said.

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The trending creator said he loves creating videos about the LGBTQI+ community to raise awareness.

“I want to illustrate the relationship between straight and gay guys and show there can be a (platonic) relationship between the two.

“I never want to forget where I come from. I want to go back and reflect on how far we’ve come,” he said.

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In his spare time, Small has taken a few matriculants from the Cape Flats under his wing to provide them with academic support.

“I never had help in my matric year. I teach them new study methods or help them with whatever they’re struggling with.

“Education has changed my life and I am a big advocate for it because it elevates you as a person. It has changed my life and I want to showcase this to other young people,” he said.

Kheeno Freeman loves bringing joy to his followers with his videos where he purposefully butchers the English language. Supplied

Freeman (@kheenofreeman101) is a semi-professional soccer player from Port Elizabeth whose claim to fame has been storytelling or offering advice while intentionally butchering the English language with a humours mix of eggcorns and malapropisms.

His content originated from having shared his videos in a WhatsApp group with other soccer players called “Geen Reels”, which translates to ‘No rules’. Freeman said his friend Gershwin Williams advised him to spread his content.

“I wanted to try something different and say something that nobody would think of. After some videos went viral, Gershwin encouraged me to post on as many platforms as possible,” he said.

The 23-year-old has only had a TikTok account for four months and was surprised at how quickly he gained followers.

“I was always sceptical about creating a TikTok account but in my first two weeks, my content blew up so fast,” he said.

Freeman said the advice that he shares in his videos was genuine as it was entertaining.

“I like to make people happy. Happiness is life, and the happier I can make people, the more joy it brings me,” he said.

In all of his videos, Freeman has become popular for his saying, “One is one, even in Hong Kong”, which has now morphed into his brand of merchandise.

Freeman said all of his content was spontaneous.

“I like to film my videos first thing in the morning. I have a wild imagination and let it flow while filming,” he said.

In future, Freeman wants to grow his brand and get as many sponsors as he can.

“I want to give back to where I come from. I would love to contribute positively towards it,” he said.

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