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My goodness, it’s Marelize

CYCLISTS were hoping accident-prone Marelize Horn from the video “My f**, Marelize” which went viral this week, would point the starting gun up and not sideways when she sent them off at the start of the Cape Town Cycle Tour this morning.

10 March 2019 | Weekend Argus

Countdown to Day Zero in documentary

Two of South Africa’s most acclaimed documentary filmmakers, Francois Verster and Simon Wood, collaborated with the Academy Award-winning American producer Laura Poitras (Citizen Four) to make the evocative short documentary on the Cape's water crisis, Scenes From A Dry City.

7 March 2019 | Weekend Argus

Craig Lucas set for KDay

WHEN Craig Lucas took to the stage two years ago for his first big performance he wasn’t a well-known singer, but famous only among family and friends.

24 February 2019 | Weekend Argus