Zavion Kotze, Denise Zimba, Siba Mtongana and Cindy Nell are The Wedding Bashers.
Imagine your perfect wedding day. And then four invited guests come and bash it - everything from the food to decor, the fashion to the after party.

Well, four industry professionals did just that at the weddings of 22 South African couples.

M-Net is the latest channel to say “I do” to a wedding reality show. The channel has commissioned a show, where “bashers” turn a microscope onto marriage ceremonies across South Africa, over 12 episodes. The Wedding Bashers is an original format, which shows the experiences through the eyes of the guests.

Weekend Argus was invited to a media screening of the show, which premieres today on M-Net 101 at 5pm.

The show consists of celebrity teams of experts in various fields and two newlyweds per episode. Wedding planner Zavion Kotze evaluates the decor, former Miss South Africa Cindy Nell is the fashion police, VUZU star Denise Zimba judges the entertainment and food expert Siba Mtongana dishes out remarks on the menu.

At each wedding, the bashers will give a score out of 10 in their area of expertise.

“Experiencing the different cuisine was very exciting because it gives you an eye on the true rainbow nation and the true beauty of the people of South Africa. Because it’s their wedding day and if the food is terrible, you must say it. You can’t say it is nice because you see it. Sometimes we say these things in the car, when you go you say “Yoh the food was bad” but you don’t say it on national television,” Mtongana said.

According to Kotze, the most expensive wedding on the show had a price tag of R1.5 million and the cheapest, R25 000.

“Some weddings had been really luxury, some are trying to be luxury. We’ve had some DIY weddings, bring-and-braai weddings, that’s one of the things I love about the show For people watching, it’s going to be an educational experience because your engaged couples are going to get wonderful tips,” Kotze said.

Show creator Gavin Wratten said: “One thing that stood out for me was, we have never seen a wedding through the eyes of the guests. We all go to weddings and we go ‘uh she looks amazing she wasn’t’. You get into the car on the way home and it’s ‘I can not believe he said that’, we have all done that,” he said.

“Then it was let’s get four people, who are very knowledgeable in different areas of what goes into a wedding. Get them to go to weddings and get them to tell us what they actually think and that is what has never been done before.” The couple with the highest overall experience score will win the title of wedding of the season and a prize worth R800 000.