Using social media as their platform to inspire and motivate women around the world is what influencers Aisha Baker and Candice Manuel, aka Candashian, do best.

Speaking to Weekend Argus, Baker, who has around 132 000 followers on Instagram, and has appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan, said she uses her social media presence to inspire women to live a life that is truthful and inspiring to those around them.

“I think there are too many social pressures to be someone you’re not. I try to write it in words. I think words are powerful and hold meaning. I hope it also inspires other women to do the same.

“Women’s Day is usually a time to celebrate the achievements we have made as women but this year it’s a little more sombre as we reflect on all the abuse women in our country face on a daily basis. I hope we can find a way to transcend past this and create a safer environment for all women,” said Baker.

Baker added that Women’s Day has become more about lunching and wearing slogan T-shirts but measurable changes which are needed are not implemented.

“Women and men who strive for change are not being heard. I do, however, feel that this year is somewhat different as more noise around this issue is being created by influential people. I hope we can get better and create a better life for our daughters to come. I’ve been asking myself lately whether I do enough for women with my reach and regrettably, the answer is no. We can always do more and it’s something I strive for now since I’ve become a mother.”

Meanwhile, curvy women Instagram influencer and plus-size model Manuel said that Women’s Day was just a cliché as women should be celebrated daily because they face various struggles at different phases of their lives.

“Having this one day specially set aside for us should give us that special moment to come together in unity to reflect and celebrate all that is a woman. We actually don’t realise just how much we need one another.”

As a plus-size model, she uses her social media to help women cultivate a positive self-image and love the body they’re in. She is the co-founder of the Embrace Your Curves Facebook profile, which hosts a woman crush Wednesday (#WCW,) where women have an opportunity to talk about their daily challenges.

“I live by the phrase ‘embrace your curves’. I am in no way promoting an unhealthy lifestyle nor am I promoting weight loss. The phrase reaches out to all women, as truth be told regardless of shape or size, we are moulded with a curve to set us apart from men.