DJ Doowap takes her talent to the world inspiring young girls to follow their dreams

Khetsiwe Morgan, also known as Dj Doowap, is taking her music to the world. Picture: Supplied

Khetsiwe Morgan, also known as Dj Doowap, is taking her music to the world. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 16, 2022


SOUTH African artist, DJ Doowap is taking amapiano acoss the borders of South Africa.

The trendy DJ recently released her debut album Izinja Zeb’sukum and has since embarked on a global tour. Some of her tour destinations include Ibiza, London, Paris and New York.

While in New York, she had the opportunity to perform with Los Angeles-based music collective, Soulection.

“We brought the energy, heat and top floor levels to the biggest Soulection event, to date. New York City was unbelievable,” she said.

She added: “This was one of the biggest shows of my career.”

Fondly known to fans as DJ Doowap, Khetsiwe Morgan was born in Swaziland but raised in Johannesburg.

While travelling, she starred in a new Sportscene commercial shot in Paris, London and New York. In collaboration with the creative boutique agency Flight Mode Studio, the TV commercial was produced with a fashion and performance focus.

The TV commercial seemed fitting for the artist as Sportscene has always been known for its streetwear culture. Morgan’s fashion choices are influenced by the 90s, combined with streetwear fashion.

Morgan said she has always been a visual person and that fashion is a big part of her identity.

“I imagine my style to exist in the metaverse, it's futuristic, it's untouchable, it’s always changing and always moving forward,” she said.

In South Africa, Morgan is a well-known club and radio DJ. She hosted a TV show on SABC called Tastemakers in 2020 and hosted a radio show on YFM, where she shared her love of electronic bass music on commercial radio.

Flight Mode Studio co-founder Carissa Cupido, said the collaboration was a natural one as their brand has always seen and supported Morgan’s vision.

“We hope this TV commercial will inspire many more young girls to pursue their passion and dreams,” she said.

“The world has taken notice and we hope the groundwork that we are putting in makes it easier for those young girls coming after Morgan,” she added.

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