Facebook creators can make money from their content

Facebook creators can finally monetise their content. Picture: Pexels

Facebook creators can finally monetise their content. Picture: Pexels

Published May 3, 2022


After years of Facebook influencers creating content for free, the site finally added a new feature which allows them to monetise the content on the site.

A new subscription option allows content creators to earn money from the people who love their content.

This feature is available to anyone with a Facebook page and is currently only available in selected countries. South Africa made the list.

Facebook content creators will receive 100% of their revenue after tax from subscriptions made on a computer.

Subscribers that are signed on mobile platforms will receive their revenue minus tax and in-app purchases requested from Apple and Google. This is a 30% fee made through their payment systems.

However, to qualify for the selection criteria for this new feature is not as easy as it sounds.

To qualify, your Facebook page must have a minimum of 10 000 followers. Additionally, you must have had a minimum of 50 000 post engagements or 180 000 watched minutes over the last 60 days.

Once this feature is available to you, a subscription button can be added to your page and as an add-on to posts.

Aside from exclusive content, content creators can decide which other benefits they would like to include in this feature.

Local content creators, mother and daughter pair from the Facebook page, Waffles and Mo, have been some of the first to make use of this feature.

Their subscription costs R32.99 per month and includes exclusive content, discounts on their merchandise, live videos only accessible to the subscription community and a badge that is displayed next to comments on posts and live videos.

Whadia ‘Mo’ Samuels and Wafeeqah ‘Waffles’ are of the first local creators to qualify and make use of this feature.

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