Grade 6 class book reviews ignite passion for reading

Nikhil Govender, Grade 6 learner of Riverside College. Picture: Facebook

Nikhil Govender, Grade 6 learner of Riverside College. Picture: Facebook

Published Oct 7, 2023


Cape Town - Encourage your child to read even during school holidays.

At Riverside College, nurturing a love for reading is a top priority. Comedy, drama, and mystery are the preferred genres among the young bibliophiles, who eagerly share their favourite reads with their peers.

Grade 6 learners from Riverside College were given a book review assignment and they had to choose one their favourite books and present a review, and all the children enjoyed reading the books.

Grade 6 learners couldn’t contain their excitement as they shared insights into their beloved books, captivating the entire class.

The initiative not only enhances language skills, but also fosters a sense of community and curiosity.

Nikhil Govender said that one his favourite books is called “Spaceboy” by David Walliams.

“The reason why I like it is that it has a lot of space facts. It is very interesting, funny and long, and that’s why I just personally like it,” said Nikhil.

Cecile Dongmo told us that her favourite book is “Dork Diaries Frenemies Forever”.

“I like this book because it has high school drama and I also love high school drama. This book is about two enemies who became frenemies for ever,” said Cecile.

Tshimoloho Nyama’s favourite book is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Diper Overlode”.

“This is my favourite book because it’s funny and it’s about a band member who let his younger brother join. So the younger brother can’t put any effort in other activities at school and it really becomes a real drag for him,” said Tshimoloho.

Zamandla Mbele said that her favourite book is “Awesome Friendly Adventure” by Rowley Jefferson.

“Rowley wrote this book with his friends and it tells a story about how they were able to come up with the story and the actually story itself. It’s a very interesting and fun story and I really love this book because I am able to read it and it has a map in the front,” said Zamandla.