Local reading champ brightens seniors’ day

Published Feb 11, 2024


In a heart-warming celebration of World Read Aloud Day, 8-year-old Cassidy Hendricks, the recent winner of the Western Cape’s SA Literacy Association’s annual reading competition, visited the Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged (CPOA) in Lotus River to share her love of reading with the seniors.

CASSIDY Hendricks, 8, read for residents of Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged in Lotus River. | Supplied

Cassidy, a Grade 3 pupil at Ferndale Primary School in Ottery, mesmerised her audience as she read from Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox, a book considered to be suitable for readers in Grades 3 to 7.

The young bookworm, who achieved an A++ during the competition rounds, captivated her listeners with her expressive reading, leaving them thoroughly entertained and inspired.

Expressing their gratitude, Anna Atties of the CPOA said: “On behalf of all of my members, we want to say thank you to Cassidy. She spoilt us with a beautiful reading and we would like to wish her all the best in the future. We hope to see more of Cassidy in the coming year, as the seniors really enjoyed it.”

Cassidy said she was nervous at first but soon managed to read with ease.

Cassidy Hendricks, 8, loves reading. picture: Supplied

“They all enjoyed it and they blessed me and wished me well,” she added.

Cassidy’s grandmother, Brenda Tommy, who has become her at home teacher and mentor, said there was a

great lesson to be learnt for young and old in respecting the elderly: “The residents welcomed her with open arms and they were excited to see her.

“They are even asking if she can come do a reading once a week now.

“I believe more people should get involved with our elderly as many are neglected and they look forward to the presence of children.”

Cassidy has read more than 100 books and enjoys Greek mythology.

Cassidy’s visit to the CPOA was a testament to the power of reading and its ability to bring generations together. Her commitment to literacy and willingness to share her passion with others serve as an inspiration to children and adults alike.

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