Marelize Horn gets a lesson from cyclists from Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy team yesterday. Brendan Magaar African News Agency (ANA)

Cape Town - Cyclists were hoping accident-prone Marelize Horn from the video “My f**, Marelize” which went viral last week, would point the starting gun up and not sideways when she sent them off at the start of the Cape Town Cycle Tour this morning.

Horn and her mother, Heidi Horn, were flown from Windhoek, Namibia, to attend the cycle race, and got some riding tips from rising stars at the Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy in Khayelitsha.

“They told me - ‘point the gun sideways, that’s the only thing you need to know’.

“I told my friend I’m coming to Cape Town and he said don’t cycle. Keep the people safe. In an open area I hit a pole, now imagine where there’s a lot of people, who would I not hit?”

Marelize learns how to ride a bike from a couple of pros. Video: Luke Folb

In the video, Marelize is riding her bicycle on an empty rugby field. She rides in a circle and heads between the posts but instead crashes into one. Her mother is heard saying in Afrikaans: “My f**, Marelize” Heidi said she thought she had stopped filming by then.

The 19-year-old described herself as a clumsy person. “When I started on the road the bike went this way and I went that way. Then we went to a festival and I was blue and black everywhere.

“And I dislocated my shoulder riding into the wall two days ago.”

Her mother said she had been inundated with calls.

“She SMSed me and said this is going on and I thought it’s one or two people.

“Then in Johannesburg we got wi-fi and it started coming through it was hectic.”

Marelize was going to be an au pair. Now she wants to be a motivational speaker. “This is getting so big if I get to build a career now I’ll probably leave au pairing.”

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