Sofie Freda Fortuin turned 100 years old. supplied image
Sofie Freda Fortuin turned 100 years old. supplied image

100-year-old grandmother, who outlived all her children, celebrated her centenary this Youth Day

By Genevieve Serra Time of article published Jun 17, 2021

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Cape Town – All that Sofie Freda Fortuin, who turned 100 years old this week, wants for her birthday is a flat-screen TV set.

Fortuin celebrated her birthday on June 16, after being born in Philippi in 1921.

Now residing in Delft, Fortuin was given a birthday bash by neighbours and even wore a crown to celebrate her centenary.

Fortuin, has outlived her four children and has five grand-children and seven great-grandchildren.

She is fondly called Freda by everyone.

Fortuin said she owes her long life to her respect for her mother.

“I honoured my mother,” she said. ’’I just feel so good. I always stood by my mother all the years and God blessed me.”

Fortuin worked on farms as a young woman and still recalls how she used to peel and sort out the leaves of tobacco.

“We used to sort tobacco and even the grapes,” she said.

“I remember using a thin needle for the tobacco leaves. I lived in Philippi and at that time there was just a lot of bush.”

When asked about her health, she said doctors cannot believe that she does not need to take any medication.

“When I saw the doctor, he said I do not need to take tablets, I could not believe it,” she said.

“I laughed at him, it cannot be true that I do not need medication.”

Fortuin lives with her granddaughter, Catherine Jacobs 57.

Jacobs said her grandmother still managed to wash herself and was able to walk around.

“We give all the glory to God, she is the first person in our family to have reached this age,” she said.

“She had a lot of hardships in her life and we are so grateful to God for her life.”

Fortuin said she longed for a television of her own: “I just want a television for myself in my room where I can lay and watch tv without disturbing others.”

Sofie Freda Fortuin turned 100 years old. supplied image

Community leader and chairperson for the Good Movement Christine Hoedemaker said they were privileged to have her: “She is one of the oldest residents in Delft.

“We enjoy her company and she is still full of a lot of jokes.

“All she is requesting for her birthday is a TV set.”

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