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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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19 new refuse trucks to breathe relief for City residents

The new refuse trucks. CITY OF CAPE TOWN

The new refuse trucks. CITY OF CAPE TOWN

Published Jun 21, 2022


Cape Town - Residents across Cape Town received good news after 19 New Waste Management trucks which cost the City R38.8 million were delivered.

The City of Cape have delivered four new refuse compactors, seven trucks and eight refurbished refuser compactors.

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They hope this will alleviate refuse collection delays around Cape Town.

The City said the new trucks would help clear dump sites sooner and improve collection.

The news has been met well by some residents but others disagree that this will alleviate dumping across the City.

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The City of Cape Town said: “The City of Cape Town’s Urban Waste Management (UWM) Directorate has taken delivery of 19 new trucks in recent weeks.

“The battle against illegal dumping and refuse collection delays has been boosted with the delivery of 19 new vehicles to the value of R38.8m, including: seven trucks, four new refuse compactors, eight refurbished refuse compactors.

“Extra trucks will increase the rate at which the City can clear dump sites. New refuse compactors will help improve the reliable collection of refuse on the scheduled day.”

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The new refuse trucks and City mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis. CITY OF CAPE TOWN

Cape Town mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis said the new trucks are being serviced by diligent workers who hardly receive recognition for their contribution. “We’re investing in new trucks constantly to ensure that every Capetonian gets regular, reliable trash collection.

“It was a pleasure to see these new trucks arriving and even to learn how to use them, and there are more coming. I have great respect for our hard-working teams who do bin collection in the City, and I’m glad they’ve now got new, better trucks and equipment.

“The total value of all vehicles procured this financial year including this latest delivery is approximately R187.5m.”

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Mayco member for urban waste management Alderman Grant Twigg added that the new trucks would alleviate dumping. He encouraged people to stop littering.

“I am very pleased to see our fleet grow progressively after the challenges in refuse collection we have experienced in recent years,” he said.

“Extra vehicles to deal with dumping that is choking our vulnerable communities are also welcomed.

“The City is focusing intensively on these challenges and we hope that this will also encourage residents that the fight against littering and dumping can be won.”

Resident Mikai Ernest Bell said the dumping would continue despite the new trucks and the City should look at stricter by-laws. “It is very encouraging. However, it won’t solve the problem. Stricter measures is the way to go.

“People will continue to dump because they can. There is no recourse.

“Look at AZ Berman road… you see the CWP (Community Work Programme) guys picking up papers every single day, only for people to dump/litter the next day.

“Also, the City should look at the by-law regulating wheelie-bins.

“People litter/dump with impunity because they have the means to do so.”

Another resident, Trudene Van Nole Roman, said the City refused to take extra bags. This contributed to dumping. “The fact that the collections department is refusing to take extra litter refuse bags when emptying refuse bins on collection day means they only empty the bins and leave the black bags or extra refuse behind resulting in that waste being dumped on any open field or space to discard of this waste.”

To notify the City about dumping that needs to be cleared, please call 0860 103 089.

• Telephone 021 444 6231/021 444 6224/021 444 6223