Ferlon Christians wants God-fearing councillors to be elected. TRACEY ADAMS
Ferlon Christians wants God-fearing councillors to be elected. TRACEY ADAMS

ACDP promises to fix moral decay

By Velani Ludidi Time of article published Oct 9, 2021

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Cape Town - The Bible promises peace and harmony for those who repent and believe His word.

For the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), peace and harmony are yet to be realised as they believe the country is facing morals decay.

They only have three seats in the Cape Town council and its mayoral candidate Ferlon Christians believes they can increase these by promising residents equal opportunities.

“The inequality in Cape Town is rife,” he said.

“It is sad that after so many years of democracy we still have people suffering and without proper houses.

“The City database has a long list of people waiting for houses.

“My first priority would be looking at the housing issue.”

He said Cape Town made headlines about crime almost every day.

If it is not innocent people killed, it’s gangsters fighting each other or businesses falling victim to being raided for protection fees.

“The premier allocated around R1 billion for fighting crime but there are no changes,” said Christians.

“We must go back to basics and provide support to neighbourhood watches.

“They know their areas better than anyone, they do the patrolling and they deserve a stipend for the work they do.”

The party, which says its policies are derived from the bible, faced criticism over their stance on vaccinations and abortions.

ACDP does not support mandatory vaccination, does not fully back the available vaccines and does not support abortion no matter what the case.

Christians revealed that he and his family are not vaccinated.

“We are not anti-vaccine but I am not certain that these vaccines will work on me.”

Despite being presented with evidence from doctors and specialists he refused to change his mind, airing his support for ivermectin.

“I know people who used ivermectin and survived.

“Why are we not pushing it to be used?

“People must not be coerced into taking these vaccines, it must be their choice.”

The Food and Drug Administration has not authorised or approved ivermectin for use in preventing or treating Covid-19 in humans or animals.

Ivermectin is approved for human use to treat infections caused by some parasitic worms and head lice and skin conditions like rosacea.

On abortion, he said even if a woman is raped they do not support the procedure.

“I was unwanted and here I am today.

“The bible says we are wonderfully made and support under an ACDP government will be provided for women.

“We cannot take lives, we believe in adoption.

“The country lacks morals and we must bring them back by appointing God-fearing councillors.”

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