Image taken from the CCTV footage of the robbery in Delft. Picture: Supplied.
Image taken from the CCTV footage of the robbery in Delft. Picture: Supplied.

CCTV footage of bread truck robbery after staff member is stabbed in the head

By Genevieve Serra Time of article published Oct 15, 2021

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Cape Town: Community Policing Forums continue to plead for drones and CCTV footage to pave the way for arrests and convictions in Delft after a bread truck robbery was caught on video.

CCTV footage shows a bleeding man, who had just been stabbed in the head, walking down Liesbeek Street this morning.

The delivery truck drives away with the assailants inside while the driver and passenger look dazed and shocked, still holding the bread tray.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Wesley Twigg said a case had not yet been opened, but that police had been at the scene.

“Kindly be advised that Delft police attended to a complaint of a robbery of a truck, but when they arrived on the scene, the driver left with the truck and no case was opened as yet.”

Pastor Charles George, chairperson of the Delft Community Policing Forum, also runs Grace’s Feeding Scheme and heads Zoe Family Church and Home of Compassion College, said they will continue to call for drones and CCTV to be used at shops and hotspots to combat crime.

George, who has links with an international company in Belgium, called for drones to pave the way to fight crime earlier this year.

In August, George called for the City to allow drones to become part of a pilot project in Delft to assist with arrests and convictions.

Delft was named one of the top 10 murder capitals in the Western Cape when the national crime statistics were released earlier this year. Earlier this week, a 38-year-old man was shot 18 times in Bata Street in Delft. This comes after a 21-year-old father was shot and killed, leaving his two-year-old son wounded in the leg.

Commenting on this morning’s incident, George said: “He was stabbed and robbed, and there are three suspects involved. The case information is still being gathered.”

“This what is we are trying to say: imagine we have CCTV footage coverage on our hotspots, real time, and you push a panic button and SAPS, and law enforcement gets notified.

“We can bring down crime big time.

“The only thing is with this video you see the incident afterwards, that is why we are encouraging shops with our new product, a CCTV camera software that we brought into the country and it will be linked to the neighbourhood watch captains only.”

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