Celebrity basher Musa Khawula in court for murder

Musa Khawula. Picture: Twitter

Musa Khawula. Picture: Twitter

Published Sep 19, 2022


Cape Town - Musawenkosi Khawula appeared at the Vredenburg Magistrate court today in his ongoing murder case.

Khawula, known for bashing celebrities, is being represented by Legal Aid. He appeared without his dreadlocks which were lost following a fight with actor and presenter Moshe Ndiki last month.

He is accused of stabbing and killing Wandile Khambule in March this year after the pair had a quarrel outside the deceased’s home.

He has already admitted fatally stabbing Khambule but said it was in self-defence. The Magistrate had already issued a warrant of arrest for Khawula when he did not pitch on time but it was withdrawn after his arrival.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Khawula said in a statement that he was in a relationship with Khambule when the incident happened

In an interview earlier this week, Khambule’s girlfriend, Sweetness Jaftha, claimed Khawula came to her home in Vredenburg at about 5pm on March 4, and demanded to speak to the deceased.

Jaftha said Khambule refused to speak to him and said he was not interested in what he wanted to say because he was not interested in him romantically. I then asked them to go speak outside because there were other people in the house.

Japhtha added that when she checked to see what was happening she saw Khawula running after Khambule with a big knife (and) stabbing him.

He was stabbed in the chest and back.

Jaftha claimed her friend wrestled Khawula to get the knife away from him.

IOL Entertainment also reported that following Jaftha’s public statement, Khawula responded to the report by telling his side of the story in a Twitter space live audio stream titled “Izani Sizohleba” (come, let’s gossip).

He said: “I remember following him, believing we were walking to the car. However, we didn’t get to the car. He turned and picked up a bottle and threw it towards me, but I ducked.”

He claimed that the deceased attacked him with a beer bottle and in defence, Khuwula grabbed a nearby knife and stabbed the deceased in the groin.

“We continued fighting and later a guy came (and) separated the fight. I left immediately because I thought if he comes up again, he’s literally going to finish me.”

The NPA has confirmed that Khawula will remain out on bail until his next court appearance. “His case was remanded to 19 October for judicare.”

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