The Justice Desk taking a stand against gender-based violence. Supplied
The Justice Desk taking a stand against gender-based violence. Supplied

Celebs and NPOs to take a stand against GBV for 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children

By Keagan Mitchell Time of article published Nov 18, 2021

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Cape Town - With 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children around the corner, The Justice Desk, a South African human rights NPO, will launch their 16 voices for 16 days campaign from November 25.

The campaign will feature the thoughts, reflections, voices and suggestions of NPO organisations, foundations and celebrities through their website and social media platforms throughout the 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Children.

The chosen 16 voices will be discussing the ongoing gender-based violence(GBV) crises, how action must be taken, how activism can be used as a tool for change and suggestions on how to combat GBV.

South African artist Craig Lucas said: “16 Days of Activism is all about raising awareness, but also inspiring others to take a stand against gender-based. For these 16 days, and as one of the 16 voices, I am pleading to all my male friends and family members to call out those who are perpetuating our ongoing GBV crisis and rape culture.

“I also would like to state that anyone who has been the victim of any kind of abuse, I hope you are able to receive the help and support you need and know that it’s never your fault, and you did not deserve it."

Chief executive of the Kolisi Foundation, Mahlatse Mashua, said is honoured to be one of The Justice Desk's 16 voices.

“Ultimately, going forward, I believe that language matters. The way we speak about GBV can both reflect and shape our understanding and approach. For example, GBV is often spoken of as a problem of ‘other men’ – violent men, sexual deviants, or ‘broken men’.

“Often, many interventions aim to identify and target “problem men” who are at higher risk of perpetrating violence against women. Or even focus on harsher prison sentences and punitive measures to punish men once they have already committed acts of violence against women.

“But, if we don’t problematise all instances where we men undermine women’s worth, dignity and humanity, then we are only cutting off the branches of the tree, but we don’t pull out the roots. We need to shut down sexist jokes and call out other men when they harass women. We need to speak up in our families, our sports clubs, with our friends and colleagues. The responsibility for ending violence against women lies with us as men,” said Mashua.

Chief executive of The Justice Desk, Jessica Dewhurst, said: "Challenging gender-based violence is a collective fight. There are so many incredible people who have a voice and a way forward, and we must listen. We can no longer work in silos, but must be encouraged to share our ideas, passions and plans of action.

“It is not the job of just some of us to end gender-based violence, it is the job of all of us, and we cannot be successful unless we all play our part, not just during these 16 Days of Activism.”

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