Taxi owner Goodman Lomboza was killed in a hail of bullets at the Site C taxi two weeks ago. SUPPLIED
Taxi owner Goodman Lomboza was killed in a hail of bullets at the Site C taxi two weeks ago. SUPPLIED

DNA conundrum for family of slain taxi driver

By Velani Ludidi Time of article published May 8, 2021

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Cape Town - A Makhaza family is facing the prospect of not burying their loved one who was shot dead two weeks ago.

Taxi owner Goodman Lomboza was killed in a hail of bullets at the Site C taxi two weeks ago. His family are struggling to get his body for burial as DNA tests from family members do not match that of the deceased.

Goodman’s widow Noncendo Lomboza said the deceased's DNA does not match that of his brother and daughter. The family say they were present on the scene at the time of the shooting and positively identified the deceased as their family member.

“We have been trying with no luck to get his body from the mortuary,” said the grief-stricken Noncedo. “His brother went to the scene on the day of the shooting and positively identified him by his clothes. He was shot inside his car and the police said we can go collect the body for burial at Tygerberg mortuary after it is processed.”

Noncendo Lomboza the widow of taxi owner Goodman Lomboza said they have been struggling to get his body released from the morgue. VELANI LUDIDI

The mother of three, who is already wearing grieving clothes, said when they went to fetch the body, the police informed them that a DNA test was needed before the body could be released to the family.

“The detective handling the case said his face was badly shot and is beyond recognition. To release the body, a DNA test was needed. His brother went and did a test, it came back as not matching. We were surprised and his youngest daughter was sent to do a DNA test. The results came back negative, Goodman’s daughter and brother were not a match.”

Puzzled by this, Noncedo tried to question the results but said the police were not helpful.

“It does not make sense how my husband’s brother and daughter are not a match. The police are not even giving us the full results on paper, we get a call that the results are back and that they are negative.”

Goodman joined the taxi industry as a driver in 1989. He saved enough money to buy his own taxi and became a taxi owner in the early 2000s.

The family has had to postpone the funeral which was planned for last week in Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape.

“We had already made preparations for the funeral and bought food which will go to waste now as there is no funeral happening. I am hurting over his senseless killing and over his body that is kept at the mortuary.”

“It is difficult, not just for me, but the kids as well. They are asking questions I cannot answer. The mortuary says it cannot release the body until the police give them the go-ahead. The police say they will not allow us to have the body as its DNA does not match with any of the family members. I do not know what to do anymore.”

Police spokesperson Colonel Andrè Traut said the case is still under investigation and that the Lomboza family can lodge a complaint if they feel aggrieved.

“Kindly be advised that the case you are referring to is still under investigation. The family of the victim is encouraged to lodge their complaint with the management of Khayelitsha police so that their concerns can be investigated.”

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