EFF: We are a government in waiting



Published Oct 2, 2021


CAPE TOWN - The EFF in Cape Town is preparing to become the governing party ahead of the local government elections next month.

That is according to the party’s regional secretary Banzi Dambuza.

This will be the party’s second time contesting in the local government elections and they currently have seven councillors in council.

“Currently the EFF is ready to govern, we are ready to lead not only this municipality but other municipalities as well.”

Dambuza said they have learnt a lot from their first time and found that current leaders are not servant leaders.

“The systems that are currently there (in council) are not benefiting the poor instead they are benefiting the petite bourgeoisie.

EFF regional Secretary Banzi Dambuza says they are ready to usher new government. LALINKA MAHOTE African News Agency (ANA)

“We want a city where everyone is sitting at the dinner table, this is what our commander in chief has been saying.”

The party said it plans to deal with the inequality which makes Cape Town two cities in one.

“White people's complaints are how loud the dog is barking, they are looking for bicycle lanes.

“Meanwhile, on our side, it’s a case of wanting toilets for our people.

“It’s a case of wanting electricity and roads with no potholes.”

The party faced only registered ward councillor candidates and no proportional representation.

“We do not award laziness,” said Cape metro spokesperson Mbulelo Dwane.

“We deploy only according to the votes the councillor candidate received.

“The more votes you receive, then you are guaranteed a seat in civic centre.”

The EFF also will not have any mayoral candidates in all municipalities across the country.

Dwane said it should be the same for every political party.

“These are local government elections and voters are not electing a mayor but ward councillors.

“A mayor will be voted in by the council and only after the elections we will be at a place to decide who we want as mayor.”

Dambuza said rich people should not be alarmed and think once the EFF is in power they will be discarded and not given services.

“There is a misconception that we are going to take from those that are privilege now and shut them off.

“We maintain that we want an equal city, the poor of the poorest must be able to get the same services received by the rich.”

Despite fears of lower voter turnout in the upcoming elections, it seems the elections will be highly competitive as there is no guaranteed outright winner this time.

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