EXCLUSIVE: Xanthea Limberg is the latest DA member caught in qualifications drama

Mayco Member for water and waste Xanthea Limberg. Picture: Supplied

Mayco Member for water and waste Xanthea Limberg. Picture: Supplied

Published May 5, 2021


Cape Town - Yet another DA member allegedly lied about their qualifications.

This time it is Xanthea Limberg, current Mayco Member for Water and Waste at the City of Cape Town.

A CV which the Weekend Argus has seen states that Limberg has a degree in Politics and Public Policy Administration from the University of Cape Town and a BA Degree in Policy Studies from Unisa. The CV was submitted to the party’s Provincial Executive Committee in January for her nomination as an executive member.

The Weekend Argus can exclusively reveal Limberg only has certificates from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and UCT, not a degree as stated on the CV she submitted.

A source inside the DA says Limberg has for years been boasting about a degree from UCT.

“Everyone in the party knows her as someone with a degree from UCT and it is stated on her CV. It came as a surprise when we found out that she is doing an undergraduate course at Unisa.

“The CV was submitted earlier this year to the PEC,” claims the source.

The source further claims Limberg lied to the PEC but they are apparently treating her with kid gloves.

“It is all swept under the rug and we will see how she will be treated when this gets out. Many organisations that have worked with the party and the municipality where she is deployed have been told that she has a degree even when she is presented as a speaker in functions her degree is mentioned.”

When asked about the CV, Limberg first declined to acknowledge it as hers. Hours later, she said the CV was a summary submitted to the party.

“I'm in my final year and will be graduating this year with a Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies. I'm currently in the process of applying for Post Grad in Policy Development at Wits.

“But I have other certificates from CPUT and UCT as well.

“I also did a degree at UCT in Politics and Public Administration but didn't complete it as I applied to add another major to the degree, which I am only allowed to do on a full-time basis which my current work schedule doesn't allow.”

Asked about the CV, Limberg said: “I have accurately reflected the status of my degree on my CV which the DA is in possession of, (I am) not sure what the issue is. In submitting the CV to the PEC, the CV is titled abbreviated/summarised and I indicated that if anything on my CV needs to be verified/ queried that I can submit my full detailed CV. I never received a query for my full CV to be submitted to the PEC, and the purpose of requesting my CV was to be co-opted onto the Provincial executive committee.”

Limberg first said she submitted the CV in 2019 but the Weekend Argus presented more evidence to her that the CV was submitted recently. She changed her tune, saying: “My full CV was submitted with the DA more than a year ago in about 2019.

“The summarised version was submitted when I was informed that I was nominated which was earlier this year in Jan 2021. As indicated, I wasn't sure why I needed to submit a CV as the party already had my full CV, which is why I submitted an abbreviated version of the CV. You will see there are many things left out in the summarised/abbreviated version because the DA already has the full CV document on record.”

The DA could not comment on questions sent to them. The party’s provincial chairperson Jaco Londt said: “I’ve asked the staff to pull her CV from our system and will respond once I’ve received it.”

The party’s interim leader in the Western Cape, Albert Fritz also said he could not comment on the issue.

“Helen (Zille) is best placed to comment or Jaco as they deal with internal qualifications.”

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