GOOD party cries foul after the deployment of a former member to office of the mayor

Shireen August has joined the DA after leaving the Good Party at the end of April. Picture: FACEBOOK

Shireen August has joined the DA after leaving the Good Party at the end of April. Picture: FACEBOOK

Published Jul 6, 2024


Cape Town – The Good Party has accused the DA of “nepotism and cadre deployment” after the wife of a former GOOD Party organiser, who defected to the DA, was appointed in the office of the Cape Town mayor.

Siyabulela Mamkeli, GOOD Party City councillor, said Shaun August and his wife Shireen were immediately placed into seats by the DA after leaving their party under a cloud.

Shaun August made headlines last year when he accused the GOOD party of not disclosing R900 000 in funding.

He claimed the money was used to buy T-shirts for the party’s 2021 local government election campaign.

August was expelled by the GOOD Party last year together with the then-deputy mayor of Witzenberg, Felicity Klazen, after allegations arose of the duo being involved inappropriate behaviour such as booze and sex parties.

August was also found guilty of financial misconduct and challenged his expulsion. However, the application was dismissed with costs and he later joined the DA despite the dark cloud.

“The appointment of former GOOD councillor, Shireen August in the office of the Cape Town mayor reeks of nepotism and cadre deployment,” Mamkeli said.

“The wife of Shaun August, the disgraced former GOOD national organiser, resigned from GOOD at the end of April 2024, after she opted to stay on during the election campaign despite her husband being expelled and rejoining the DA.

“August was expelled from GOOD last year for serious misconduct and unsuccessfully challenged his expulsion in the High Court. However, the DA wasted no time employing August immediately and put him to (dirty political) work while his wife claimed she wanted to remain with GOOD.

“Straight after calling it quits, she walked straight from GOOD into the DA mayor’s office.

“This raises serious questions about the DA’s so-called commitment to ensuring that jobs go to all South Africans (based on merit) and not devoted friends – or spouses.”

Shireen August has joined the DA after leaving the GOOD Party at the end of April. Her husband Shaun joined the DA last year after leaving GOOD under a dark cloud. l FACEBOOK

However Shaun hit back, saying the (GOOD) Party was like an ex who refused to let go of something good.

“They do not own us; we ask GOOD to move on.”

Shaun said he was “gatvol” of the attacks on him and his wife and she had not been appreciated for her good works. He said Shireen had suffered after he had left the party.

“She was one of their best councillors and when I left, she couldn’t handle the way they were treating her; they rejected her,” said Shaun.

“An assessment was done and she was seen as one of the best councillors.

“They speak of cadre deployment: De Lille had one of her sisters working in her office when she was in Public Works and Infrastructure. The other worked in Finance at one stage. So what standards are they working with?

“I am I have been left alone for a year and now they want to break people down.”

However, Mamkeli said: “The DA has fiercely fought against ANC cadre deployment on the national stage and even took this fight to court. Yet, it seems they have no problem crossing this line and rewarding dirty political tricks where they hope no one is watching.

Shireen and Shaun August. l FACEBOOK

“The DA and the City of Cape Town must come clean to the public about this appointment and their commitment to ‘fit for purpose’ appointments only. “

Mamkeli himself was part of five DA councillors who resigned in support of De Lille in 2018, including August, Suzette Little and others.

Shireen refused to comment and referred all queries to the City and mayor’s office.

In May, just ahead of the National Elections, Shireen posted on her Facebook page: “I might have been a bit quiet but don’t mistake my absence for anything. I’ve been busy signing up members for the DA.”

Melt Botes, spokesperson for the DA said the office of mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis’ was best placed to comment on the matter.

Lyndon Khan, spokesperson in the Office of the Mayor, said in response: “It is common knowledge that all political office bearers – at municipal, provincial, and national level – may appoint political support staff within their office.”

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