THE Gordon’s Bay community is joining forces to fight crime and grime.
With a noted spike in drug-related crime, Gordon’s Bay residents are ready to fight back.

Members of the community have various strategies to help mitigate crime in the area. “Our town has been affected by the increase in crime, everybody is concerned about the increase in house break-ins and the amount of loitering.

“With the noticeable increase of crime and grime in Gordon’s Bay, the Gordon’s Bay Residents Association (GBRA) took a decision to start a campaign to make a difference, by involving every property/business owner in a campaign of visible policing and a camera project to reclaim our town,” said Edwina Hadfield, vice-chairperson of the Gordon’s Bay Community Policing Forum and chairperson of the residents association.

Hadfield said the increase in vagrancy, prostitution and car-guarding is alarming.

“Only a handful are true vagrants, the rest are opportunists. The crime rate has risen due to a lack of visibility and with Somerset West becoming a CID (City Improvement District) and the Strand a Special Rating Area (SRA), the constant visibility they have has driven the vagrants and opportunists to Gordon’s Bay, together with the car guards, who are on our beachfront harassing and dealing drugs.”

With the festive season approaching and the increase in visitors, Hadfield said it could not be a better time to launch their patrol vehicle. It will be on the road from the beginning of December. The vehicle will be easily identifiable with the GBRA logo.

“It is just as important to protect our town with CCTV and this will take priority. Our target is to raise R150000 a month, which will secure this town with cameras, together with contracting a security company that can offer us the service we are looking for.

“We will contract a local security company that knows the area and has their finger on the pulse,” Hadfield added.

Gordon’s Bay Neighbourhood Watch (GBNW), with the help of the members of Gordons Bay Police Station, has made a positive impact on criminal activity, said Ian Pollock, the acting chairperson of the GBNW.

“Unfortunately, due to the increase in unemployment in the area, (there has been) a spike in criminal activity. GBNW has partnered with five of the major security companies, together with the SAPS, for the festive season. We urge everyone in our area to be vigilant and adhere to traffic regulations and by-laws as a zero tolerance policy will be in place.”

Pollock added that the general request from the residents to all visitors was to clean up after themselves. He added that no drinking in public spaces would be tolerated.

“We ask that, should you see a car guard, please do not pay them. Rather support our shelters or local charities.”