Members of the Langa UCCSA congregation alongside Bishop Mfihlo and Ndumie Funda. Supplied
Members of the Langa UCCSA congregation alongside Bishop Mfihlo and Ndumie Funda. Supplied

Gugulethu church preaches acceptance at LGBTQI+ awareness youth event

By Thandile Konco Time of article published Sep 20, 2021

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Cape Town -The Langa United Congregational Church of Southern Africa held an LGBTQI+ seminar to educate congregants against homosexual discrimination and stigmatisation, and gender based violence (GBV).

The event, which was dedicated to the youth, hosted Pastor Zamuxolo Mfihlo from the Apostolic Amen Church, Ndumie Funda from the Luleki-sizwe NPO and Ludwe Nkomo from iLitha Labantu.

Leader of the Apostolic Amen Church, Bishop Mfihlo explained that all congregations preaching love and acceptance had a responsibility to fight hatred, violence and discrimination of any kind.

“We have the problem of churches being silent when it comes to the discrimination and violence facing the LGBTQI+ community and this because of the condemnation of homosexuality within congregations. As people of God we must move away from this. God created all people and we are called to call all of God’s people and baptise them.”

Bishop Mfihlo delivering acceptance Vernon at the LGBTQI+ awareness event. Supplied

Mfihlo emphasised that all people are called to receive God’s word without stipulation, discrimination or judgement. He said that by keeping silent, congregations reinforce prejudice towards the LGBTQI+ community.

The Langa UCCSA congragtion at the LGBTQI+ awareness event. Supplied

A member of the Langa UCCSA congregation, Wendy Senosi said that the youth of the church felt it imperative to discuss matters around GBV and the LGBTQI+ community because it was an issue affecting many of them.

“Several churches simply turn a blind eye to the daily abuse of women and children and the harassment and murder of members of the LGBTQI+ community. Church is meant to be a safe and accepting space but it sadly isn’t. More talks like this need to take place”

Founder of Luleki-Sizwe and LGBTQI+ activist Ndumie Funda said it was important to talk about these issues because churches play a key roleplayers in society and are often at the centre of communities.

“Judgemental and condemning parents, violent perpetrators, closeted homosexual teenagers and homophobic people are all within church congregations. It needs to be addressed here.”

Funda said that another important topic to discuss within churches was the manipulation of the biblical structure in attempts to practise and promote hate speech and discrimination.

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