Little ones with big eyes and bigger dreams look to future

Ryleigh Esau is already planning her side hustle.

Ryleigh Esau is already planning her side hustle.

Published Jan 22, 2024


Cape Town - From doctors to YouTubers, these little humans, on the first day of their school years, have already started dreaming about their futures.

The eager faces lined up in front of their classrooms, ready to begin their 12-year schooling careers.

These bright-eyed Grade R and 1 learners shared their thoughts about big school with the Weekend Argus, and also gave a glimpse into their possible future plans.

Six-year-old Anika Stony Charles, who started big school in the northern suburbs, was excited to get to her seat on Wednesday.

Anika Charles.

She put on a smile and marched into her classroom with her two plaits and cute blue ribbons.

“I am so excited to start Grade 1, and when I am older I want to be a doctor,” she said.

Ruby Charles, Anika's mom, said her daughter was much braver than her.

“I was very emotional, even more than her; it was just like wow, my baby girl is growing up, she is in big school now,” Charles said.

Cade van Der Vent, 6, also put on his big-boy hat while walking into school as a Grade 1 pupil on the False Bay Seaboard.

Cade van der Vent wants to be a YouTuber when he grows up.

“I am half excited and half scared. I am actually scared of real school work,” he said.

Cade, who enjoys diving into the tech side of things, said he wants to become a YouTuber when he is older.

Cade's mommy, Courtney van der Vent, said as difficult as it was to leave her child, she knew it was part of growing up.

“Leaving your kids in the hands of others is always scary, but he is more than ready to be a big kid,” she said.

Five-year-old Cairo Ruiters was so excited that he even ran straight into his classroom, nearly forgetting to say goodbye to his mommy, who cried more than her boy.

Cairo also wants to be a doctor. “I know I must go to school to learn so that I can be a doctor. I want to help people when they are sick. I am also happy to go to big school because we won't sleep like in crèche,” he said.

Cairo Ruiters, who wants to be a doctor one day, was very excited to start school.

Logan Hendrikse, who attends school in the Athlone area, has his eyes set on being a sailor, teacher or scientist.

This eager beaver says he is excited about school and feels fine about it.

Logan Hendrickse has his eyes set on being a sailor, teacher or scientist.

Ryleigh Esau also couldn't wait to start putting her art skills to work.

She wants to be a doctor and policewoman, but knows that she needs a “side hustle” and wants to do make-up

Ryleigh Esau is already planning her side hustle.

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