Capetonian sculptor Marco Olivier calls for reflection and taking responsibility. BRENDAN MAGAAR
Capetonian sculptor Marco Olivier calls for reflection and taking responsibility. BRENDAN MAGAAR

Local artists hikes up Lion’s Head with art installation that aims to inspire

By Murphy Nganga Time of article published Jul 24, 2021

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Cape Town - In light of the recent struggles in the country, Capetonian sculptor Marco Olivier is taking matters into his own hands by creating beautifully detailed faces to represent the men and women of South Africa.

With an introspective approach, Olivier and his team took to Lion's Head and stood in solidarity to reflect on how each of our actions causes a rippling effect.

“Aside from my love of art, I've always been passionate about our nation and its people, hence the faces represent all the different communities in our country. And given the recent looting and lives lost due to Covid-19, I think it requires all of us to stand together and that's why I say, face it, it's time.”

“Personally, I feel like it will take everyone to stand together and put out the fire. Every person has a responsibility, even if it is in road construction, they need to bear in mind that people need to get to work and people need to get home and the need to be efficient, if you want to put it in a nutshell, it all comes down to efficiency from everyone because the mindset needs to change. We should put all of our differences aside and take responsibility to get the economy back on its feet because we all have a role to play and we need to face it,” said Olivier.

Local sculptor Marco Olivier stands in solidarity with his team and alongside former Springbok captain Corné Krige. BRENDAN MAGAAR

Among the demonstrators was former Springbok captain Corné Krige, who came out to show support for Olivier’s initiative.

“Witnessing what is currently happening to our people is disheartening. For 27 years our people were frustrated and this frustration has built up for many years. Eventually everything boiled over, resulting in what we are seeing today. The lawlessness and the breaking down of things has many people worried.”

“I think this is a great initiative because the story behind it is reminding us to reflect and do better. I think it's time that we need to stop sweeping things under the carpet and join forces in order to make the change we want to see. We’ve done it before and I believe we can do it again. It all starts with shaping our minds to understand we work much better in unity than trying to do things on our own,” said Krige.

With banner that reads I love South Africa #PrayforSA, the demonstrators were led by Pastor Emmanuel Kongolo who said to turn to prayer because our land needs healing.

“I believe that everyone has a part to play, the government alone cannot fix what is happening to the country. We have to own up and take responsibility because quite honestly it's long past the time of pointing fingers, hence this initiative encourages us to look within ourselves for change. Whether you are in school, home or office, a joint effort is required to propel the country forward and there is nothing that the Lord cannot do, to see us through,” said Kongolo.

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