Manchester United fan Colin Johannisen is so confident of a win that he has already prepared his victory speech for his wife Alison who supports Liverpool. Picture: BHEKI RADEBE/ANA
Cape Town - Spare a thought for Colin and Alison Johannisen from Southfield on Saturday.

Their marriage will again face a stern test, as two Premier League teams take to the field in a battle of skill and sportsmanship.

Colin supports football team Manchester United, while his wife of two years, Alison, is a die-hard Liverpool fan.

The two English clubs renew their rivalry on Saturday afternoon, in one of the world’s biggest football fixtures.

Alison is looking forward to the match-up.

“We tease each other relentlessly with him having the upper hand when he always says our only game for the season is against United,” she tells Weekend Argus.

Manchester United fan Colin Johannisen faces off against his wife Alison who supports Liverpool. Picture: BHEKI RADEBE/ANA
But so confident is Colin that his favourite team will win this encounter, he’s already prepared his post-match speech to Mrs Johannisen.

“Basically, I don’t try to boast too much about it. I will rather first keep quiet and let her congratulate me and then I’ll give her a hug afterwards. And then I will give pointers as well about what went wrong and what her team needs to improve on in their squad.”

But all is fair in love and war, and Colin has been praising his wife’s sporting knowledge saying it makes the banter between them very interesting.
“She knows quite a lot about sports. She can argue with me about which players’ stats are better.”

Alison says a trip to Liverpool’s home ground, Anfield, is one of her “bucket list” items, which she plans to realise in 2020 when she turns 40.
And so, with the battle lines drawn, the Johannisens agree that it’s straight back to the loving after 90-odd minutes.

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