More fun-filled Treehouse adventures for young readers

Time of article published Nov 30, 2020

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By Gameema Salie

Cape Town - The unexpected events of the world’s greatest treehouse is back with the 10th book in the popular Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.

The 130-Storey Treehouse is filled with wild and crazy adventures as Andy, Jill, Terry, and the tree are abducted by a giant flying eye-ball and taken to Planet Eyeballia.

Join the gang on this epic new and exciting journey on their intergalactic mission where they have an extraterrestrial observation centre, battle aliens in outer space, shoot laser beams and create their very own toilet-paper factory. Yes, you heard it. Andy, Terry and Jill have learned from 2020 that there’ll be times when there’s a shortage of toilet paper in the world and that they need to make their own. But this innovation is what the team is brilliant at.

From the start of the series with the13-Storey Treehouse, readers have explored the whimsically wonderful imagination of Terry and Andy as they’ve taken everyone on their adventures with them, from man-eating shark tanks and see-through swimming pools to the world’s scariest roller-coaster which even dead people are afraid of; from swimming in the chocolate waterfall to the never-ending staircase, and not to mention the terrifying Door of Doom.

Fans of the series have been through every single level on this ever-growing treehouse. With 13 new levels of entertaining adventure, readers are set to be engrossed in the super long leg levels where your legs become so stretchy and so long that you can step and glide over just about anything, get soaked in a soap bubble blaster and meet the Grabinator, which can crab anything from anywhere at anytime.

Fans who’v been eagerly awaiting the 130-Storey Treehouse will be happy to know that the book is part of the Christmas List promotion at Exclusive Books, so it makes a wonderful gift for all of your friends hooked on the Treehouse series and is sure to be one of the most enjoyable reads for kids this year.

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