Cape Town – Gayton McKenzie, leader of the Patriotic Alliance, promises to demolish the Cape Town stadium and build houses. Picture Henk Kruger
Cape Town – Gayton McKenzie, leader of the Patriotic Alliance, promises to demolish the Cape Town stadium and build houses. Picture Henk Kruger

PA to demolish CT stadium and build houses if they win elections

By Velani Ludidi Time of article published Sep 25, 2021

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Cape Town – The Patriotic Alliance is not just gunning for Cape Town, but the whole of Western Cape, and will demolish Cape Town stadium to build houses if they win the upcoming elections.

This was revealed by the party’s president Gayton McKenzie.

“From Matzikama, right through to Saldanha to Cederberg. The whole of Western Cape will be PA,” he said.

McKenzie said to address the lack of affordable housing in the inner city, he would demolish the Cape Town stadium.

“People cannot be travelling from their homes around 4am only to get back home at night. There are many houses that can be built instead of that stadium that is expensive to maintain. There are many golf courses close to the economic hub that can be turned into housing spaces,” he said.

His party recently welcomed members from the ANC and DA, including activist Loyiso Nkohla, who was formerly with the Land Party. The party is expected to announce more members who have joined.

“PA is growing and our commitment is to bring services to the poor people. The DA only cares about rich people, people are being told they can only use 300 litres of water per day for a family of 12. People in Hanover Park are called backyarders, in Khayelitsha, they are called squatters. It will not take a lot for a PA government to look good because the DA is doing nothing,” he said.

McKenzie said the only time killings in Manenberg got attention was when a cat killer was on the loose.

“That is the only killing they care about, the blood of our children has been flowing and no one gave out a reward. The first thing we will do when we are in power is to bring back religion to schools whether it’s God, Allah or Judaism. We will pass a by-law that makes this possible,” he said.

He added that they would follow up by giving people land to build proper houses, and deport undocumented foreign nationals.

“All illegal foreigners will go home immediately. They will leave Cape Town immediately. Failure to do that, we will lock them up. We are not coming for legal foreigners, we will make sure that businesses hire locals. A foreigner must be hired only if they have a special skill,” he said.

The party said it wished that the Good Party and Cape Coloured Congress did well in the elections so that the ANC and DA lose votes.

“We are going to eat this giant elephant and the ANC failed to play its role as opposition, as the DA does as it pleases. They have allowed the DA to get away with the lie that they run the best municipalities. The PA will never allow that. This (election) will go down the wire,” he said.

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