Sergeant Denver Titus and Sergeant Lutchmee Chetty. SUPPLIED
Sergeant Denver Titus and Sergeant Lutchmee Chetty. SUPPLIED

Sergeants teach pre-schoolers safety

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Apr 5, 2021

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Cape Town - Two police sergeants from Claremont police station visited Grassroots Preparatory School earlier this week to educate the pupils on the dangers of talking to strangers.

Sergeant Denver Titus and Sergeant Lutchmee Chetty offered an interactive awareness session with the pupils, giving them useful tips on how to stay safe at school, at home and in public areas.

Sergeant Titus explained that it's important for children to learn about stranger danger directly from the police because children look up to police officers, especially members in uniform. He said that by doing this, police members build trust with children, which is of utmost importance to them.

Five-year-old Ayamila Siboto, a Grade R learner at Grassroots, said that he learnt so much from the stranger-danger session, including where to get help when in trouble.

“I learnt never to trust strangers and never to take things from strangers. I only trust the police.”

Sergeant Chetty spoke about how important it is to be respectful to one another at school and not to bully others. Always ask for permission and consent from your classmate or friend before using something that belongs to them. If you do not do this, you are stealing.

Pre-Grade R and Grade R teacher Layken Fortune said that she was pleased that the sergeants spoke about bullying in their session.

“This was one of the most important topics. We as educators teach them that bullying is wrong and is not allowed in the classroom or at home. For them, being so little, it adds importance to the matter when it comes from a police officer. It’s reinforced by someone of authority it makes more sense to them.”

Sergeant Denver Titus and Sergeant Lutchmee Chetty. SUPPLIED

Here are a few helpful tips from the session that parents can tell their children, to help keep them safe these holidays:

1. Whenever you leave home always tell your parents where you are going, who you are going with and when they can expect you back.

2. Never allow someone to touch you in your private areas or in a manner that makes you feel uncomfortable. If this should happen, be sure to inform your parents or teacher immediately.

3. Who do you trust when you are in trouble, lost or have been hurt by someone?if your parents are not nearby, be on the lookout for someone in uniform. This will be a police officer, a security person or a paramedic.

4. Be careful to never talk to strangers. Do not talk to, or take things from people you don’t know, no matter how friendly they may seem.

5. What do you do when a stranger tries to talk to you or touch you while in a public place? Do as much as you possibly can to alert other adults around you about what is happening. If you are alone, try to run away. If you are close to a phone, contact the police on 10111.

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