Founder of #Fightback Charina Joubert and TV and radio presenter Tracey Lange. Supplied
Founder of #Fightback Charina Joubert and TV and radio presenter Tracey Lange. Supplied

Sisters lace up to beat gender-based violence with self-defence classes

By Keagan Mitchell Time of article published Nov 30, 2019

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Cape Town - Radio and TV personality Tracey Lange and #Fightback founder Charina Joubert will lace up their gloves for women when they host the #Fightback event against gender-based violence at the Castle of Good Hope today.

They’ll be joined by owner and head coach of Lethal Edge MMA and Fitness Centre Dean Johnson, who will be teaching self-defence classes.

The event was founded by Joubert, who lost a family member to gender-based violence.

Lange said the recent spate of attacks on women and children had left many of them feeling helpless.

“It’s one thing to speak about our fears and share our thoughts on social media, but we need to do something.

“Helping people feel empowered is something that is very important to me. As women we also need to learn that it’s okay to protect ourselves when our lives are in danger and to fight and hurt someone when we feel threatened in any way.

“This self-defence class is like going for a high-performance driving course. You learn the things you need to know so that when something happens, it’s not the first time you have to do the actions,” she said.

The pair have invited schools to attend the event.

“They will learn things like quick ways to get out of situations or how to use your phone or keys to hurt someone if they try to attack you.”

“We would like to go to schools where gender-based violence is prevalent and teach pupils on how to protect themselves,” she said.

“We are aiming to do two big events per year and then for the rest of the year make sure it goes to the schools where people aren’t able to get transport to come to us,” Lange added.

Joubert said: “The most vital message is that we cannot tolerate this behaviour and women and children have the right to fight for their survival.

“This is by means of protecting themselves so that they may have the ability to take back their power.

“I will not stop until I provide a safe place for the victims, providing self-defence and healing to those that have experienced this terrible life-changing occurrence.

“We may not stop until there is an awareness of our ability to take back our power and fight back,” she added.

Johnson said: “I feel violence against women and children should not be tolerated. We should not only empower women and children to defend themselves, but also hold our fellow man accountable for their actions.

“Women are the cornerstone of our society and the youth are the promise of a better generation in the future and we as men should stand up and stand together to protect that,” he said.

The event begins at 10am and entry is free.

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