A nurse treats a COVID-19 patient. (AP Photo/Leo Correa)
A nurse treats a COVID-19 patient. (AP Photo/Leo Correa)

Suspected Covid-19 patient collapses 'after clinic turned him away'

By Chelsea Geach Time of article published May 23, 2020

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A suspected Covid-19 patient collapsed while coughing in a road in Hout Bay after reportedly being turned away from a clinic, according to a local non-profit company.

Keri Cross, director of Community Crime Prevention in Hout Bay, said her team responded to the incident early this week. “Our emergency response was first on scene... The man was coughing up blood... and his family member with him told the (responders) he had tested positive for Covid and had been back to the clinic for the last three days worried and scared and they sent him away," Cross said.

Western Cape department of health spokesperson Mark van der Heever denied the clinic had turned the man away. “The patient was at the clinic prior to the incident and was requested to (sit) in a separate ventilated area... while waiting to be tested,” he said. “The patient refused to wait and left the facility.”

Cross said her team witnessed a Metro Ambulance crew without personal protection equipment (PPE) attend to the patient. "The ambulance left him at the clinic (that allegedly turned him away), waiting outside on a chair,” Cross said.

Van der Heever said EMS medics were expected to wear full protective gear when attending to Covid-19 patients. "In this instance, the paramedics who assisted the patient had on the necessary PPE - masks and gloves -,and the officials gave the patient a mask as well.” 

Covid-19 hits South Africa hard

In other Covid-19 news, consumers are buckling under the economic strain of the lockdown. 

The reality is that consumers will soon be paying more for food will have to fork out even more for petrol, as well as a possible electricity hike.

A South African organisation monitoring prices of a basic food basket of 38 items showed that rice had increased by 26%, sugar beans by 18%, cooking oil by 11%, while vegetables such as cabbage and carrots increased by 22%.

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