Tattoo artist’s podcast of escaping his own murder after being robbed in Brown’s farm goes viral

Noulen Basson is using social media to create awareness about the Brown’s Farm Facebook Marketplace syndicate. pic: Facebook

Noulen Basson is using social media to create awareness about the Brown’s Farm Facebook Marketplace syndicate. pic: Facebook

Published Oct 21, 2023


A tattoo artist, film-maker and music producer’s podcast on how he and his friend escaped being murdered after they were robbed in Brown’s Farm has reached more than a million people.

Cape Town - A tattoo artist, film-maker and music producer’s podcast on his near death experience in Brown’s Farm has reached more than one million people.

In August, Noulen Basson and his friend were nearly murdered by a gang of 12 after they were lured via Facebook under the pretence of the sale of a car part.

But a quick-thinking Basson and his friend fought back and managed to escape.

Basson made the podcast in a bid to save lives and create awareness. He used visuals and Google map locations and shared it via Facebook and TikTok.

Police have made several public requests for people not to visit Brown’s Farm Following the murders and attacks of sellers and buyers.

Police confirmed they had responded to almost weekly incidents at Brown’s Farm where people from as far as Fish Hoek and Noordhoek had been attacked.

The syndicate is believed to be driven by youth.

Police have made arrests but have yet to close the net on the operation.

Basson told Weekend Argus he has been inundated with messages from the public who confirmed they too had been victims.

“I felt I needed to warn other innocent Marketplace users; if I had seen something like my own video, I would have been educated about Brown’s Farm,” he said.

“I feel the area should be flagged as a National Security Risk and due to all the deaths, robberies and premeditated crimes happening there, there should be a military sting operation held to end that whole situation.

“But instead, the police are scared.

“Private securities are being killed and anyone that takes a wrong turn or is lured in there, like us, either gets hurt or killed and robbed and left for dead.”

Basson gave a blow by blow account of how they had escaped being shot and stabbed. They were robbed of R5 000 cash, a cellphone and other personal belongings.

“I have decided to make this video to hopefully prevent more murders and robberies,” he said on the podcast.

“I was grabbed from the back and my moonbag was grabbed from me.

“The one who was standing by Deon (his friend) pulled a revolver out of his pants. When he did that, Deon head-butted him, and his spine cracked like a sandwich, I do not think they expected us.

“I then elbowed the one who had me from behind. By that time, my moon bag was already gone.

“When the gunshots went off, they ran off.

“There were two or three of them who were left behind, and they tried to stab us with knives.

“I had holes in my pants and shirt. We both did not have a mark on our bodies.

“Then, one tried to get inside the car, and I ran towards him and I kicked him, and climbed into the car and pulled the door closed, and Deon got in, and I said: ‘Lay flat,’ and we sped out of there.

“We definitely escaped our own murders.”

Basson issued a warning: “Stay away from Brown’s Farm. Stay away from Philippi; there is an active syndicate and they will kill you.”

A year ago, Ben Tuzee, 51, the co-owner of Dixies Restaurant in Simon’s Town was murdered in Brown’s Farm after he and his niece were lured to the area to meet a potential buyer for a television.

Three suspects were arrested, two of whom were teenagers.

Manenberg Police spokesperson Captain Ian Bennett said the public believed they were visiting a farm and were unaware of the dangers. He could not confirm whether anyone had been arrested.

“To date, unsuspecting victims are still lured out to Brown’s Farm, which is not a farm but a residential area which adopted the name from its geographic location.”

Bennett said the robberies were continuing, with a mother and daughter from Noordhoek who were accosted by a group of young men a few months ago. They had escaped.

“If you are entering our township areas, know where you are going to and the contact person, otherwise don’t put yourself at risk by thinking that you are doing good.

“You cannot put yourself at risk of being maimed or even being killed.”

Western Cape Minister of Police Oversight and Community Safety Reagen Allen said they were making policing visible.

“We do have our Law Enforcement Advancement Plan officers deployed in areas where the murder rate is highest. They are making inroads in the fight against crime. I welcome the arrests that’s been made.”