A YOUNG member of Ntsika ye Themba, a flagship project run by TJD focused on getting young boys to challenge GBV. Picture: Suppplied
A YOUNG member of Ntsika ye Themba, a flagship project run by TJD focused on getting young boys to challenge GBV. Picture: Suppplied

The Justice Desk’s 16 Voices in 16 Days Campaign

By Thandile Konco Time of article published Nov 24, 2021

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Cape Town - Award-winning South African human rights NPO, The Justice Desk (TJD), will be launching a campaign as part of 16 Days of Activism that will feature 16 Voices for 16 Days.

The 16 Days of Activism Against GBV is an annual international campaign that kicks off tomorrow, the international day for the elimination of violence against women, and runs until the December 10, International Human Rights Day.

As an organisation that focuses on “Promoting the power of everyday activists”, TJD’s campaign will feature and amplify the thoughts, reflections, voices and suggestions of individuals from various organisations.

The 16 Voices are made up of representatives from foundations such as the Kolisi Foundation, SaHarvest, The Embrace Project, Women Lead Movement and Girls against Oppression. The voices of well-known celebrities such as Zolani Mahola, and TJD's Goodwill Ambassadors Marco Spaumer and Craig Lucas will also be featured, as well as notable business leaders such as Jon-Foster Pedley and Pumela Salela.

The chief executive of The Justice Desk, Jessica Dewhurst, said that challenging gender-based violence is a collective fight.

“There are so many incredible people who have a voice and a way forward and we must listen. We can no longer work in silos, but must be encouraged to share our ideas, passions and plans of action.”

Dewhurst said that it was everyone’s obligation to combat GBV and that without everyone playing their part, the fight against GBV cannot be successful. She added that the efforts should exceed the 16 Days of Activism and head towards a full year.

“The 16 chosen voices will be taking on the role of thought-leaders in the GBV space, ultimately discussing the ongoing gender-based violence crisis our country is facing, how action must be taken and how activism can be used as a tool for change.”

Shamryn Brittan, the communications officer for TJD, said TJD had observed that when the children of our country need allies and voices to support their cries, South African women came to the forefront.

“Women make up the backbone of our society, running businesses and the caring sectors, raising children, protecting their communities as well as inspiring us all to be better citizens. In every instance when we seek to create change, it is our women who are at the core of it all – leading the way for others to follow.

“This is why for 16 Days of Activism it is so important that we raise awareness of the ongoing GBV and femicide crisis – we cannot let down the women who have been fighting for change and the women who will continue to do so,” said Brittan.

Brittan added that the 16 Days is merely a start to a bigger aim and will encourage a wave of positive change.

All social justice seekers and GBV activists are welcome to support TJD and their “16 Voices in 16 Days Campaign” in an effort to raise awareness towards combating gender-based violence and inspire others to know that they too can be a part of the change.

To follow their campaign or learn more about the work of TJD, follow their social media: @thejusticedesk.

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