Athraa Fakier jetted off to Indonesia. Picture: Supplied
Athraa Fakier jetted off to Indonesia. Picture: Supplied

UCT student Arthraa Fakier's drive to make a difference to the world

By Keagan Mitchell Time of article published Dec 7, 2019

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Cape Town - “There’s so much darkness in the world, but there are also so many good people doing amazing work.”

These are the words of Athraa Fakier, who wants to be one of those good people. The 22-year-old UCT student was recently accepted to the Indonesian International Leadership Camp which kicks off on Tuesday.

The camp will focus on improving leadership skills and learning about Indonesian language, culture, pencak silat (Indonesian martial arts) and Qira’ah (Qur’anic recitation).

Fakier said: “This opportunity will improve my knowledge base about (the) broader society, help me establish networks with like-minded people, and improve my skills to help me best assist and uplift those in need or in less-fortunate communities.

“It is in line with my vision as a social worker, and an enlightening opportunity.”

Fakier, a resident of Lansdowne, became the director of the Outreach for Amnesty International at UCT for the 2018-2019 term. “My short-term goals include completing my honours in 2020 in the clinical social work. This specialisation will assist me in understanding matters relating to substance abuse in South Africa and equip me in tackling the issue through rehabilitating substance abusers to live a meaningful, sober life.

“As a young person living in Cape Town, it is clear to see how invasive and prevalent drug use has become, affecting far beyond the individual. I’d like to provide young people in disadvantaged communities with positive activities to occupy their time and safe spaces to open up about the challenges they face,” she said.

When not helping others, Fakier enjoys activities that stimulate creativity.

“In my spare time I enjoy painting as it is therapeutic and expressive. I also enjoy photography. I love hiking and running, as being active helps me take care of my physical and mental health. Being out in the open also exposes me to Cape Town’s stunning scenery and reminds me to feel appreciative of all the beauty around me.

“People inspire me. There are so many beautiful people from all cultures, religions, backgrounds, living simple lives and acknowledging beauty in things I sometimes take for granted.

“This is inspiring. It reminds me to reflect, to stop and appreciate where I am in my life and enjoy the time being. And this rest is what energises me to push again and strive for my goals.”

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