Mayor Patricia de Lille is fighting fit after engaging in a war of words with the DA’s federal council deputy chairperson, Natasha Mazzone, following her remarks about the mayor’s court victory this week.

In an interview with Weekend Argus De Lille did not mince her words: “Politics is not for sissies - she now pretends to be an expert on Patrica de Lille.”

De Lille said she would seek legal advice on instituting civil litigation against the DA for tarnishing her name.

Earlier in the week, the embattled mayor wrote an open letter to Mazzone, whom she referred to as a “scripted spokesperson”, tasked with “smearing” De Lille’s name.

“There’s a cabal within the DA and Mazzone is part of that cabal - it wants to smear my name. There’s a whole machinery unleashed against me. They have been throwing mud at me and dragging my name through the mud. I am on my own but I can handle them,” she said.

The cabal, De Lille believed, was still “hankering to the years of baaskap”.

“They fought for the defence of apartheid. I fought in the liberation struggle and that is the source of the hatred towards me. I was tolerated because when I joined the DA I was a brand. I was used as a vote-catcher,” she said.

The latest spat between the two - which has spread to social media platforms such as Twitter, followed the Cape Town High Court’s decision on Wednesday to reinstate De Lille’s party membership.

But Mazzone said yesterday that she didn’t consider De Lille and her to be having a public spat.

“I will never allow myself to be used in a mud slinging match or allow this so-called issue to deviate away from the real issues.

“De Lille is incorrect about there being a cabal in the DA. This is an unfounded statement that simply seeks to deviate attention away from issues such as the Bowman report and the SMS,” Mazzone hit back.

But De Lille warned Mazzone not to “continue perpetuating lies”.

“The DA doesn’t expect people to speak up. They want to call the shots. I am an exception to the rule. I have rights. They keep accusing me of various things. But where is the evidence? My legal team and I have been requesting the evidence for the past five months. We have had to ask the court to intervene and make them produce the evidence,” she said.

The DA made available to the media a copy of the “strictly confidential” Steenhuizen report, compiled by its chief whip following an investigation by a sub-committee into tensions within the DA caucus in the City of Cape Town.

De Lille has challenged the DA to produce the evidence that led to the allegations in the report as she regarded them as being based on “hearsay, faceless and nameless people”.

But Mazzone said the party did not believe De Lille was entitled to the names of the whistleblowers as they were protected under law.

Among other things, the report noted the “ever expanding influence” of former Ses’khona member and former “pooh-thrower” Loyiso Nkohla in the administration of the city and questioned how he was employed and said his entry had been facilitated by the mayor.

“It further appears from various inputs that Nkohla enjoys a special status within the city. He has repeatedly been overheard to have used the phrase “I act with the mandate of the mayor,” the report noted.