Mlungisi Centane runs a mobile toilet business.
Life’s challenges were no match for one Khayelitsha-born advertising whiz. Mlungisi Centane, 33, is one of the first people to start a mobile toilet business in the townships. Though he initially struggled to prove his worth, Centane knew that giving up would not be an option.

Centane’s toilets use 700 litres of non-potable water which self-recycles after every use.

Centane spoke of the struggles he went through to “fight for a spot in the growing of Khayelitsha’s economy”.

“Starting a business in the townships is not always easy, people do not trust you and you constantly need to prove your worth. When I started this business, it was a new concept, especially here in Khayelitsha, but I knew what I wanted and I stood firm.”

When the former broadcast designer left a cushy job, he had no idea what he would do or what was in store for him but the father of two knew he “no longer wanted to be employed”.

He felt he needed something more fulfilling. “I had to find other alternatives to make a success of my dream. I had to hustle.

“Fortunately for me, someone came along and suggested I look into mobile units.

“Toilets are not as disgusting as people think. After every event, I transport my units to the storage facility and clean them for the next event.

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