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Deadly knife row: SA couple cremated

Good Samaritans have raised funds to fly home the children of the South African couple who apparently knifed each oth...

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Nurse’s mummified body found after 7 years

A nurse lay dead in her flat for seven years until her mummified body was found by bailiffs.

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What to do with Christmas leftovers - recipes

If you're lucky enough to have leftovers from your Christmas meal, Angela Day has a few simple ideas.

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Drug-resistant malaria: the next big crisis?

Experts say Myanmar is the next frontier in the spread of resistance to artemisinin.

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We like a noggin (or a few) over fest ...

Some South Africans are likely to be spending bonuses on booze in what the WHO has dubbed one of Africa's hardest drinking nations, writes Sbongile ...

SA's 'most expensive' mansion now over R100 million cheaper
After being on the market for more than a year, at a cool R300 million, the opulent Enigma mansion in Camps Bay is being split into more "affordable" chunks, with the mai ...