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Motshwari Mofokeng

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Marikana is actually about ‘stolen’ land

At the heart of the Marikana massacre is the historical question of land and economic dispossession, writes Malaika w...

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We are the ones opening terror’s door

We breed violence, like at Marikana, by not caring enough about win-win outcomes, writes Victor Kgomoeswana

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Fixing SAPS can't end with Phiyega

Fixing the SAPS must start with SA's top cop but it can't end there, writes Gareth Newham

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Copy of Alien Planets [1]


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Think Spock when alien spotting

Aliens will not look like little green men with saucer-like eyes, says Professor Simon Conway Morris.

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Singer’s 4th of July wedding surprise

Guests at Billy Joel’s annual celebration were surprised to find that they had been invited to a wedding instead of the usual party.

‘Be wary’ of new living annuity findi ...

An actuary has poured cold water on research done by a Stellenbosch University academic that shows that, since 1960, living annuities have pro ...