IOL mot dec1 Toyota Rav4 a

Has Rav4 made the right style shift?

As you can see it's not one of those subtle upgrades where you need a microscope to spot the changes.

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IOL mot nov30 BMW 3 Series aaa

BMW 340i is a real stealth bomber

A great motor and superb handling but it lacks the lusty soundtrack that we long for.

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IOL mot nov30 Gautrain crash

Gautrain Hatfield line still closed

Gautrain continued to operate a Train shuttle between Pretoria and Hatfield on Tuesday.

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Sales Watch - Oct

The downward spiral continued in October with South Africa's vehicle sales totalling 54 244 units, a worrying 8.6 percent down on the same month last year according to Naamsa.

SA's 100 top selling vehicles: Oct

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