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Car-seat donation drive in Cape Town

The car seat your child has grown out of could save the life of somebody else's child.

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Copy of ca p1 robbery grab 1 done

Family in armed robbery nightmare

A dramatic home invasion in Rondebosch East in Cape Town was captured on CCTV footage. [VIDEO]

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Copy of ca p6 NU vigilante protest done

Erosion of public trust in the cops

A horrific incident in which two men were killin in Dunoon has highlighted the social challenges in dealing with vigilantism.

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Unsung Hero Rivka receives help from Ryan and the Dischem Foundation
When Ryan received an email from Leah about her sister, Rivka, he knew he had to do something to help her. Rivka is a doctor who, apart from her full time job, has starte ...

McLaren 650s: seat of the pants revie ...

Old-school petrolhead Henri du Plessis drives by the seat of his pants; road reviews, he says, are not about numbers.