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Misogyny disguised as ‘culture’

It is time that the women of 2015 unite to fight against the stubborn and powerful enemy of today, says Nomafrench Mbombo.

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Single moms head most SA households

The latest report on South African birth shows that a large number of households are headed by single mothers.

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Stop flaunting fancy phones in public

Cellphone theft means more of us should do the obvious and have a cheap phone for going out, says Mike Wills.

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Changing the landscape of education
“Changing the Landscape of Education” was one of the more practical engagements of the #ChangeMakers Conference. Facilitated by John Maytham, this panel discu ...

McLaren 650s: seat of the pants revie ...

Old-school petrolhead Henri du Plessis drives by the seat of his pants; road reviews, he says, are not about numbers.