Explore a world of holiday possibilities with iExchange

If "change is as good as a holiday", why settle for the same timeshare every year?

iol travel dec 18 berlin

Exploring Berlin by bicycle

Many tourists find exploring Berlin by bike is more fun than riding trains through dark subway tunnels.

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iol travel dec 15 cat cafe

First cat cafe opens in New York

Meow Parlour allows pet-loving city-dwellers a chance to mingle with kitties.

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Wrap up NYC for your candy crush

If you look past the overhyped options, you'll find places offering a globe-spanning array of extraordinary sweets.

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Hunting for pictures and crocodiles

Reuters photojournalist David Gray finds himself in the middle of nowhere while on the hunt for the perfect picture.

Explore a city while you wait

For those making a stopover in Dubai, Myrtle Ryan checked out some options for making the best use of the time.