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The beauty that rose from ruins

All but obliterated by bombing 70 years ago, Dresden in Germany has managed to recreate its former glory.

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iol feb 23 travel ss  lapland

In the Lapland of the gods

What does it take to be Finnish? Rules, saunas and cross-country skis

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iol feb 27 travel dallas - larry hagmanat southfork

Do-able Dallas

The city is fresh, fun and friendly to the wallet, writes Andrea Sachs

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Take the other route to Everest

London – The route used by mountaineers to scale Everest is to be altered next month amid fears of an increased avalanche risk.

The good life, way down under

Once most feared in the British Empire, Tasmania is now an alluring destination for foodies and art afficionados.

Biblical city is modern home to all

The remains of an ancient bathhouse prove that Nazareth was bustling even back in Jesus’ day...