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dishwasher sxvc

Dishwashers just too clean?

Researchers say that children whose families washed dishes by hand are less likely to develop eczema and asthma.

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sad girl sxc

‘Is my daughter too scared of change?’

Parenting coach Meghan Leahy tells a mom not to worry if her daughter is worrying…

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The war of the sisters

Lorraine Candy just spent a holiday with two warring sisters, and would rather go to Mars.

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New parent? Ditch those extras

Don’t bother buying all that bulky baggage for baby – you don’t really need it, says Andrea Orr.

Who you gonna miss? The dog

More than half of all dog owners would be sadder if their pet died than if a family member passed away.

Lack of sleep may be linked to diabet ...

Missing out on a good night’s rest may increase your chances of developing diabetes, researchers claim.