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Keeping a finicky princess in the pink

Casey Seidenberg has ways and means to make a three-year-old eat her vegetables...

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pregnancy file pic afp

Four pregnancies can affect heart - study

Women who have four or more children are more likely to show early signs of heart disease, scientists warn.

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Copy of Comic-Con-Toys

Making cool toys for Comic-Con

When it comes to designing the collectible toys for sale at Comic-Con, the sky's the limit for the designers at Mattel.

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Heat could cause early labour

Heatwaves could cause women to go into labour early, according to researchers.

When friends feel like family

The truism that friends are the family you choose may be more accurate than you might think.

Rise at dawn? It could make you a lia ...

Early risers become less honest as the day goes on, a US study has found.

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