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How to teach your kids about sugar

Casey Seidenberg wants children to know what sugar is, and what it does to their bodies.

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lenny and the queen afp

You're not getting my money, kid!

British comedian Lenny Henry says it is 'right' for rich parents to cut their children out of an inheritance.

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Dogs 'more likely to be insured than cats'

The phrase 'man's best friend' has perhaps a ring of truth, writes Henry Austin.

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The midwives who delivered a princess

Two unsung heroines of the royal birth were unflappable midwives Arona Ahmed and her boss Professor Jacqui Dunkley-Bent.

Air pollution could make for smaller ...

A study of the effects of air-quality controls introduced during the 2008 Beijing Olympics has had interesting results.

Sleepwalking may be in the genes

A study found children are seven times more likely to walk in their sleep if both parents had a history of doing the same.