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Dozens protest killing of homeless man

Angry protesters hit the streets of LA demanding justice after graphic video footage showed police fatally shooting a homeless man.

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‘Racial bias in Ferguson cops practices’

A Justice Department investigation has found patterns of racial bias in the Ferguson police department.

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MH17 relatives view plane wreckage

The first of about 500 relatives of those killed in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 visited the wreckage, investigators said.

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Day 4 and fire rages on - PICS

Firefighters are continuing to battle a fire on the mountains and hills above several residential areas in the South Peninsula in Cape Town.

Fishy taxidermists hooked

Police in Egypt's Red Sea province uncovered a workshop where endangered fish were being “embalmed,” the Interior Ministry reporte ...

Not so transparent after all

On paper the Promotion of Access to Information Act is exemplary, but the reality falls short, writes Candice Bailey.