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Dumisani Dube

Close ranks, ANC told

ANC members called to close ranks and stop the bickering within the tripartite alliance

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Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Want to say hello to your ex? Don't

The brutal truth about trying to revive an old love: these calls can be as withering to the soul as an Arctic wind. [VIDEO]

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No kitchen? No problem

Ellen Manning talks to the author of a new book about cooking in the tiniest of spaces.

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Sex, intimacy linked to chronic illne ...

Sexuality and intimacy are closely linked to chronic illnesses and the healthcare profession needed to wake up to this if they are to provide ...

Trendy 2016 brides

In an era when brides are ordering their wedding dresses online, one design duo are doing things the old-fashioned way, writes Omeshnie Naidoo ...

Deck your table

Lifestyle asked up and coming celebrity chef Nazira Moosa of the lifestyle brand Zira to create Christmas breakfast, lunch and supper tables w ...

Spending continues on Cyber Monday

Retailers are hoping to capitalise on the momentum of Black Friday with special online deals on Cyber Monday.

Lead SA Hero improving the lives of her community members
A few months ago Ryan received an email from Leah about her sister Rivka and he knew she had to be the Lead SA Hero for the month of October. Hoosain is a doctor,she grad ...