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Jason Ngobeni

Tshwane official in harassment debacle

“If you agreed a long time ago to do something with me, you wouldn’t have suffered like you did.”

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Copy of Copy of PN Medunsa4351 [1]
Independent Newspaper Limited

Students on strike at Medunsa

Striking Medunsa students vowed not to allow anyone on to the campus until their demands have been met.

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Copy of ca p4 School Violence spes bona DONE

Violent pupils threaten education system

"The number of violent learners is frightening, and it cuts across primary and high schools."

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Fire rages at Tripoli oil depot

The Libyan government warned of a potential “human and environmental disaster” as two fuel tanks at an oil depot near Tripoli airp ...

Netanyahu warns of long Gaza campaign

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country must prepare for a long conflict in the Gaza Strip, squashing any hopes of a swift ...

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