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iol news pic Baleka Mbete
Armand Hough

‘MPs must be active in shaping policy’

MP’s and legislatures can’t sit idly by and wait on others to solve the world’s problems, Baleka Mbete said.

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Slice of thanks for their help

Two cops accepting bread as a thank you for preventing looting after a bread truck overturned sparked public outrage.

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Calls for Oom Paul to fall slammed

AfriForum and Front National have both slammed calls for the Paul Kruger statue to be removed from Church Square.

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Leftist hostage-takers shot dead

A Turkish prosecutor was critically injured and two of his captors were killed, after security forces stormed the courthouse where the hostage ...

The Lead SA Future Leaders workshop 2015 is a 2 day workshop designed to give young South Africans the inspiration and tools a leader needs. The workshop took place on th ...