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Pretoria man wins case over power cut

Attorney Marius Blom scored a victory over the Tshwane Metro Council which illegally cut his electricity for two days.

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ANCYL to target Afrikaans-only schools

The gloves are off against public schools in Pretoria east that still use Afrikaans on all their materials.

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Copy of PN foodchefs  Hemsley in kitchen

Sisters celebrate love of food

Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley are getting noticed for their style of cooking using wholesome ingredients.

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Study reveals why girls join IS

The notion that young women travel to Syria solely to become “jihadi brides” is simplistic, a report said adding they seek sister ...

Story of a brave young boy
South Africa is a violent country, we all know this. Everyday our newspapers and headlines tell the stories of another shooting, another robbery, another hijacking. Stori ...