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Nigeria got it right, US got it wrong

So how did Nigeria manage to contain Ebola when the US could not? David Francis investigates.

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iol news pic Malema assault oct 23

Malema video: ‘I felt slap on my back’

Julius Malema says he will go to jail if he has to after a man laid charges against him following a brawl.

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sexting lib

Do teens need sext education?

We probably can't stop kids from sexting. So we might as well talk with them about it, writes Zara Kessler.

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Balotelli, Rodgers under Anfield spot ...

Under-pressure Liverpool taskmaster Brendan Rodgers will tackle troubled striker Mario Balotelli over both a half-time shirt-swap and a pedest ...

Epic save: Runaway classic Mustang

The most amazing aspect of this epic save is that the shop worker had the presence of mind to shut the door of the Mustang as it rolled toward ...

The New Parents Guide to Education
Deciding when to send your child to school is not as easy as ABC – 123. That’s why KFM is inviting you to join them at the KFM Parent Programme where experts ...