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Feeling festive? Take our quiz

Go and stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself now: who is my Christmas self? Then try this multiple-choice quiz.

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Breast cancer gene could fight Alzheimer’s

Scientists say those who have died from the most common form of dementia have lower than usual amounts of a protein known as BRCA1 in their brains.

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Phones, tablets need sleep mode - experts

New devices are being built with 'brighter' screens, which have an impact on the body's ability to produce sleep-inducing hormones.

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No set time for Tiger’s return

Tiger Woods painted a bleak picture about his golfing future when he said he was not sure when he would be able to return to playing the game. ...

World AIDS Day:Testing and Treatment
1.What is an HIV test? A HIV test is a test that reveals whether HIV is present in the body. Commonly-used HIV tests detect the antibodies produced by the immune system i ...