Fake fur makes it on to the dining table

Jura Koncius looks at a decorating trend that uses faux fur, that soft, luxurious fabric that makes you want to pet it.

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french cosmetics afp

Why do women pay more than men?

France wants to know why, for some goods and services, women seem to be paying more than men.

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new sneeze lib

Could hayfever be giving me flu-like symptoms?

Dr Darren Green says this seems to be one of the worst ever allergy activation seasons in a long time.

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Don’t stop the presses just yet

We cannot avoid a digital future, but we also cannot turn our backs on print because it is, after all, what sustains our business, writes Bren ...

Vincent Nota: The Wimpy waiter with service that makes you smile
“Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. Vincent Nota, the Wimpy waiter who warmed the nation’s heart and the Western Cape Lead SA Hero for November, lives by t ...