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Get knitting to keep your mind sharp

A passion for knitting and crocheting could protect against dementia, say experts.

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wine in glass reuters

Glass of red wine ‘can fight cancer’

Experts have identified another potential health benefit of drinking red wine in moderate amounts.

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Preemies could turn into neurotic adults

Scientists have known for some time that premature infants are at risk of difficulties in their relationships and careers when they grow up.

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Amla laments ‘bizarre Test’

Hashim Amla has admitted the washed out second Test against Bangladesh “is one of the most bizarre Test matches I have played”.

Hunter sees what it’s like to be prey

Walter Palmer is learning what it means to be the prey of a force larger and more powerful than himself, writes Louis Theroux.

Celebrating Mandela Day
CHILDREN’S WARD TRANSFORMED  IN CELEBRATION OF MANDELA DAY The children’s ward at the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital, Umtata, has been transformed into a bright and com ...